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Crumbs from the table

November 18, 2013

It’s sad to see that someone described as “Lekutu district rep Suliasi Saraqia” is pleased Bua villagers are making money from the sale of seafood, rootcrops and vegetables to road contractors and workers at the bauxite company. The Chinese workers apparently love seafood. Suliasi should be asking why there are so many Chinese workers doing work that local workers could easily do. And what share of the sale of the bauxite is going to the villagers? We are told nothing. The people of Bua are expected to be pleased with the crumbs that fall from Bainimarama’s table.

Fiji Times November 18, 2013 Villagers feel impact

Bainimarama’s budget exposed

November 14, 2013

Professor Biman Prasad of the University of the South Pacific has exposed the big weakness in the Bainimarama election budget. He says the 3.6 percent growth rate the government is assuming we will get this year is largely consumer driven, in other words it’s paid for with hand-outs paid for by borrowed money. The worst thing is they’ve borrowed to pay for on-going costs like education and public service salaries. These costs will have to be met every year into the future and we’ll be borrowing to pay for it unless we get long term sustainable growth.

Radio New Zealand 13 November, 2013 Economics expert questions sustainability of Fiji budget

Killing the goose that lays the golden egg

November 12, 2013

The rise in departure tax from $150 to $200 could well backfire badly on the regime. A thirty percent increase in the total cost of an airfare must have an impact on demand. It’s just one of the laws of economics that Bainimarama and Khaiyum know nothing about. And fewer tourists will mean reduced hotel turnover tax, VAT etc. The only thing we can be sure of is that the regime didn’t ask anyone in the tourist industry whether this would have an impact on the industry which is our life-blood following the destruction of the sugar industry.

Fiji Times November 09, 2013 Departure tax to rise

Qetaki’s pathetic lies exposed

October 28, 2013

According to Alipate Qetaki 75% of cane leases that expired since 2008 have been renewed. He probably thinks no-one can find out the truth because TLTB under his leadership publishes no statistics. But Qetaki doesn’t realise other statistics are available and these show that he must be lying. We know that the number of cane farmers dropped by over 2000 between 2008 and 2010 and the area of land under cane dropped by 6000 hectares. So how does this square with a 75% renewal rate? Of all the craven cowards that serve the regime, Qetaki is THE worst. And who does the regime think it’s fooling? Do they think cane farmers whose leases haven’t been renewed will be fooled by this?

Fiji Village: 25/10/2013 75% of agricultural land leases renewed from 2008 – iTLTB

Abdul Khan’s best yet

September 26, 2013

Only Abdul Khan could outdo his past acts of stupidity. Now he’s announced that the Government intends to buy out minority shareholders in the Fiji Sugar Corporation to allow it “to continue with reforms that are in place unhindered”. Can’t this buffoon understand the FSC balance sheet? FSC is bankrupt. It owes more than it owns and continues in business only because banks and the FNPF lend it money because the loans are backed by Government guarantee. The Government already owns FSC 100%. The private shareholders who own about a third of FSC shares have already lost their money. The shares are no longer traded on the SPSE because the company was delisted. The shares are worthless, so why talk about buying out other shareholders. Is Abdul Khan really this stupid?

Fiji Times September 26, 2013 Plan to buy out FSC


September 23, 2013

The secrets of aircraft financing revealed

The new CEO of Fiji Airways, Stefan Pichier, has explained the mystery of the plates on the A330-200 Airbus aircraft declaring Waqavuka Financing Limited in Ireland as the owner. It’s really very simple Pichier said. Waqavuka owns the aircraft. Fiji Airways owns the engines, Momo Tomasi owns the seats on the right side, Nei Mere owns the seats on the left side, Business Class Toilets are owned by German banks (KfW IPEX-Bank and Helaba) while Economy Class toilets are owned by a Labasa moneylender who wants his name withheld. This is all very natural and normal international business practice Pichier said.

More interference in FRU?

September 17, 2013

In 2007 RWC quarter finals our 15s side within a millimetre of beating the mighty Springboks who were the eventual World Cup winners. Since then we’ve fallen into a heap after the interference by the military reqime in the FRU. They’ve used funding as a weapon to get their puppets at the helm of the FRU. In 2011 the regime demanded the resignation of the union’s board and executive members over alleged mismanagement of a Rugby World Cup fundraising lottery. Now they’re at it again. Their answer to everything is sacking people even though they were appointed by nobody.

Radio Fiji Sep 06, 2013 Baravilala relieved as CEO of Fiji Rugby Union–fiji-rugby-union

The sad story of Tate and Lyle

August 29, 2013

As this story in the Fiji Times tells us, Tate and Lyle and their predecessors have been buying our sugar since the days of CSR and colonial government. To celebrate this, FSC deputy chairman Marika Gaunavou has planted a tree! What he’s not saying is that Tate and Lyle have pretty much given up on us as a supplier of sugar. They know FSC is bankrupt. They know our mills have been wrecked. They sent experts in to try to fix the mills but the only result from that was Tate and Lyle decided to look for other sources of sugar. A few years ago, Tate and Lyle were wanting to buy all the sugar we can produce but now they’ve cut their orders from us because they need a supplier they can rely on. Our Minister for Sugar has destroyed the industry and there’s nothing we can do about it. We can’t even speak the truth openly.

Fiji Times August 28, 2013 FSC works with buyers

Vaniqi blames everybody else

August 15, 2013

With the sugar industry facing the threat of a mill strike Bainimarama’s CO Sugar battalion, Lt Col Vaniqi, has denied all responsibility for the problems facing the industry. He’s saying all the problems, ie “expiring land leases, politicisation, mills that had not been repaired or kept up to par with technological advancements”, were inherited from previous governments. He takes no responsibility. Over the past 7 years leases have continued to expire and the mill refit that wrecked the mills was carried out by Bainimarama’s FSC team, nobody else. But worst of all is the loss of confidence of farmers in the industry. Thousands have dropped out, the area planted has dropped by 12,000 ha and farmers don’t want to put their money into replanting or fertiliser (so yields have plummeted) because they have no confidence in the leadership of their industry under Bainimarama and Vaniqi.

Fiji Times August 15, 2013 Strike action

Sugar hits the export bottom line

August 13, 2013

Our trade deficit has blown out badly thanks to a drop in sugar sales. The Bureau of Statistics has reported that the net goods deficit increased by $381 million due to a decrease in exports of sugar. This decrease was due to the failure of FSC to find markets for our sugar, and not just because the production is dropped. Our longest standing customer, Tate and Lyle, who a few years ago wanted to buy more sugar than we were producing have given up on Frank’s FSC. They’ve been looking to other countries to get the sugar they need. The root problem of all our sugar industry problems is lack of confidence. Farmers don’t have confidence in Frank’s FSC, landowners don’t have confidence in Frank’s TLTB and now Tate and Lyle don’t have confidence that FSC will be able to produce the sugar they promise.

Radio Fiji 13 August 2013 Sugar exports impact balance of payments