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New world record for bare-faced lying

July 14, 2014


“I will never interfere with any religion”

Last week Bainimarama stood before an audience in Korovou Tailevu and declared that he would never interfere with any religion. Does he think the five year ban on the annual Conference and the charging of ministers and other church leaders for attending normal internal church meetings is forgotten.  Even when he allowed the Conference to go ahead he banned the choir competitions as an act of pure spite.  The issue in the September election is trust and Bainimarama has told many lies but never one so blatant as this.

Radio Fiji  Jul 08, 2014 We will never interfere with any religion: PM



Regime persecution of the Methodist church continues

August 9, 2013

The Fiji Police Force are still sending police along to Church Standing Committee’s meetings and they’re demanding that the church shows them the agenda for the Annual Conference before it can go ahead. No other church is subjected to this treatment, which is an infringement of the basic rights of Methodist church members.

Fiji Sun August 8, 2013 Police to approve agenda first: Church

Methodists on their knees

August 5, 2013

Bainimarama loves to humiliate the Methodist Church. He knew he couldn’t deny them the Annual Conference which is the governing body of the church so he has to resort to denying them their choir contest. This is an act of pure malice which will cost him a lot in support from the iTaukei community. The choir contest is always the highlight of the Conference and choirs all over the country spends months preparing. Bainimarama will pay a big price for this petty spite.

Fijilive August 02, 2013 Church awaits response from PM

The cost of the choir ban

July 17, 2013

The Methodist Church has revealed that the ban on the choir contest at their Conference this year will mean repairs to the historic Baker Hall will now not go ahead. The choir contest, which is keenly contested, raises significant funds as well as bringing great joy to all the participants. FDN hopes Methodists realise this ban is the direct result of the influence of Khaiyum who hates the Methodist Church with a passion. It is not due to Catholic influence. Khaiyum thinks the Methodist Church was in league with chiefs for the 1987 coup which turned him into a bomb-maker. Baker Hall is part of the history of many Fijians, but not Khaiyum.

Fiji Times July 17, 2013 Baker Hall on ice

Can we have the organ-grinder, please?

July 16, 2013

The Methodist Church is still waiting for the appointment they have requested with the self-appointed PM to seek an extension of the time for their Conference. The 330,000 members of the church have a right to expect their leaders to be given the courtesy of a meeting. But so far they have been treated to statements from Tudravu, the only man in the FPF who can speak on some matters. The 330,000 members don’t want the monkey, they want the organ grinder.

Radio Fiji 16 July 2013 Church awaits PM response

Regime still fears the Methodist Church

July 11, 2013

Bainimarama knows where most of his troops go on Sundays

Chief Fiji Police Force Puppet, Rusiate Tudravu, has told Fijilive that the regime will not extend the 4 days given for the Annual Conference. So where is Naivalurua? Why can’t he speak for the regime? Is he still lying low, hoping no-one asks him about his role in covering up the notorious torture video crime? Or is he just afraid that there can be no answer to the question why can’t a church be allowed to meet to discuss church business? Does Bainimarama think persecution of Methodists will turn them from SODELPA supporters into supporters of his own party, which doesn’t even exist yet?

Fiji Live July 10, 2013 No extension, police tells Church

Is this what the Cassava Patch coward fears?

June 21, 2013

The sight of a hundred or more RFMF Methodists singing in full voice must be what strikes fear in the heart of the Cassava Patch coward.

Why the fear of choirs?

June 20, 2013

Fiji Police Chief of Operations, Rusiate Tudravu, first said that Police Commissioner Iowane Naivalurua would decide on a permit for the Methodist Church to hold its Annual Conference after meeting with the General Secretary of the Church Reverend Tevita Nawadra. Then Reverend Nawadra reported that he had been told by Naivalurua that a choir competition would NOT be part of the Conference. According to Tudravu this decision was made after Naivalurua had “wide consultations” with “a number of people”. We all know what this means. It means that the order came from Khaiyum after he discussed it with Bainimarama. But why the fear of choirs?
Fiji Village 20/06/2013 Choir competition not part of methodist conference

Frank didn’t dare

June 18, 2013

Fiji Sun has reported that “other church groups” made a bid for the job of Chaplain to the new Golan Heights contingent but the Methodist Church got the job. Frank knows that he’s pushed the limits with his persecution of the Methodist Church so its no surprise that he’s respected the faith of the majority of his troops.
Fiji Sun June 18, 2013 Rev named for Golan

Bainimarama bringing Methodists in from the cold

April 2, 2013

With an election coming the dictator who spurned Methodists and persecuted their leaders has made a change of tack. He’s now wooing the Methodists, promising to help them revive the old Navuso college. But it will be a long time before he is trusted and respected by Methodists. Several of their leaders still face criminal charges as a result of holding a simple Church management meeting without a police permit. Other churches and religous organisations were spared this treatment and Methodists will not easily forget this.

Fiji Live April 01, 2013 Govt to assist Navuso Agro school