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100% subservience is not enough

October 15, 2013

The regime’s brand new Media Commissar, Ashwin Raj, has given us a fair idea of where he’s coming from. His first public statement is to say that our bullied and cowed media needs to be a lot more responsible! What does he expect? Should every statement be run past Khaiyum before it’s published? It looks like Khaiyum is planning to crack down on the media with the elections coming. But the freedom blogs will not be silenced. We will continue to maintain the vigil.

Radio New Zealand 13 October, 2013 Fiji Media need to be more responsible, says new authority chair

When absolute obedience is not enough

September 23, 2013

Radio Khaiyum has just announced that Veteran journalist, media manager and regime today, Matai Akauola, has been appointed Director of the Media Industry Development Authority. According to Radio Khaiyum “the authority is aimed at improving the media’s objectivity and discipline”. It seems that our muzzled media are still not meeting the requirements of Khaiyum. What does he want? Does he have to have them run every story past him before they can print them?

Radio Fiji Wed Sep 18, 2013 Media industry body director appointed

Regime continues internet crackdown

September 6, 2013

The Police have now joined Chandu Umaria in trying to control access to the internet in Suva internet cafes. They claim there’s a Code of Conduct for Internet Cafes which prohibits the circulation of “offensive materials, insults and slanderous statements aimed to create hatred among Fijians in Fiji and in foreign countries”. By this they mean anyone who challenges the regime’s right to impose its will by force. The good thing about this crackdown is it shows us the regime is worried by the freedom blogs on the internet. They now control everything in the media so the freedom blogs are the only way we can have a right of free speech.

Fijilive September 03, 2013 SCC, Police implement internet code

ITaukei land protest on Radio Australia

September 6, 2013

Vani Catanasiga, a spokesperson for the Bua Urban Youth Network, said her organisation is unhappy with the draft constitution because it gives priority to economic interests, rather that landowners’ ability to decide how their land should be used. The people of Bua already have experience of the Land Bank and they know the way it works to give priority to Chinese mining interests. But it’s only international media like Radio Australia who can broadcast the truth. Any local media who reported this would be punished by the heavy hand of the Bainikhaiyum regime.

Radio Australia 30 August 2013, Concern at government power over land in Fiji constitution

Say it isn’t so

July 15, 2013

Fiji Freedom blogsite, Coup 4.5, has reported that the new News Manager at Fiji TV is to be none other than Neumi Leweni, currently Counsellor to the Fiji Embassy in Beijing, but before that Permanent Secretary for Lands, RFMF spokesman and Warrant Officer in the RFMF Band. The man is a complete dunce who should be sitting in the corner with a cone hat on his head, but Bainimarama has promoted him from one job to another. In the military he was more like a pet dog kept as a Mascot by the Commander than a functioning military officer. When he was RFMF spokesmen other officers squirmed as they watch him mumble and ah er his way through public statements.

Coup 4.5 July 14, 2013 Fiji regime bullies Fiji TV into appointing media censor news manager

Arrogant Aiyaz spits in the face of the US

July 11, 2013

Our unelected Attorney General has dismissed the $1 million pledged by the USA to help with next year’s election. He said “the coverage of the recent United States million dollar donation is overrated, considering PNG has given 11 million US dollars and many other countries are helping as well.” He’s seems to have forgotten that any “coverage” given to the donation is a matter for the media, which is under his thumb. He can have reporters sacked on a whim. The US Embassy has no say in how our controlled media report news. What is it about Khaiyum that makes him want to spit in the face of every elected government while kowtowing to every non-democratic government?

Fiji Sun July 10, 2013 Australia, New Zealand should be apolitical: A-G

Land lies exposed

June 6, 2013

Isireli Koyamaibole has been called a liar for claiming that the Khaiyum draft constitution removes all past protection for iTaukei land but Koyamaibole has set out his reasons in very clear detail while Bainimarama and Khaiyum have done nothing but call Koyamaibole a liar. They have made no attempt to address the points he’s raised. Our muzzled media will never be allowed to print the Koyamaibole article but it’s freely available on the freedom blog sites. Click on the link below to see Coup 4.5’s printing of the whole article.

Coup 4.5 June 5, 2013
Koyamaibole: Fiji’s Land Liar

Only in Fiji Leaks

May 29, 2013

Fiji Leaks has reported something we won’t see in our muzzled media:

“Drunk Ministry of Defence permanent secretary Peniame Naqasima’s “mistress” fled scene as he crashed his car into another family’s vehicle as they were just going about their business -police still to arrest Naqasima.”

Naqasima was the man who signed the deportation order for Fiji Times publisher Rex Gardner in 2006. It looks like he’s in the category of exempt regime lackeys.

Beddoes pours a bucket

May 11, 2013

Ted (he’s got balls) Beddoes has tipped a bucket on the Vanuatu PM, Moana Carcasses Kalosil, for his praise of Bainimarama as “a strong leader who is providing the sort of leadership the Pacific wants”. Beddoes comments have been broadcast on Radio New Zealand but who will dare print or broadcast them in Fiji? Where is our media freedom?

Radio New Zealand 09 May, 2013 Fiji politician scathingly critical of Vanuatu backing for Bainimarama

Khaiyum’s lies are getting funnier by the day

April 25, 2013

In his whirl wind of lies around the country Khaiyum was forced to deny that political parties were being gagged. He denied any role in the process of party registration, claiming it was all up to the Registrar of Political Parties. Thanks to former Justice Marshall we know that that’s not the way Khaiyum operates. He interferes in everything, the DPP’s office, the courts and the bureaucracy. His denial of responsibility for the Registration process shows that he thinks that he can say whatever he likes because the muzzled media can’t print the truth.

Radio New Zealand 24 April, 2013
Fiji Attorney General denies party gagging claims