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Should the Fiji Sun be sanctioned?

May 20, 2014

With all the criticism flying at her Jiko Luveni has accused the Fiji Sun of distorting her statements about rape.  She’s crying that she’s never blamed rape victims for inviting rapists to attack.  It was only the Fiji Sun that made it look like she did.  So is she going to make a complaint to the Media Industry Development Authority?  Will Ashwin Raj bring down the full weight of all his powers on the Fiji Sun?  If Ashwin Raj is anything other than a puppet of the regime he’ll take action but then we all know that he is a puppet, just like the Fiji Sun.

Heavy hand of regime censorship confirmed

April 23, 2014

On 4 April Freedom Blogs revealed that on Monday the 31st of March FNU lecturer Pita Waqawai had been sacked for revealing the facts about the ethnic composition of scholarships at FNU.  It was reported that two soldiers had escorted Mr Waqawai out of the University compound where his termination letter was delivered to him by the Manager Human Resources of FNU, Poasa Koroitamana.  Now Fiji Village have confirmed that he has been sacked, but no-one can say anything more about the report.  FNU Vice Chancellor can say nothing.  He will not confirm or deny the report that soldiers were present on his campus to force one of his staff from the campus.  He knows this is a job for the police, so why can’t he deny this happened.  His silence is confirmation of the original report.

Fiji Village: 23/04/2014 FNU senior lecturer sacked for misusing facilities

Will Ashwin act?

April 17, 2014

Ashwin Raj was quick out of the blocks to accuse Ratu Timoci Vesikula of hate speech but we’re still waiting for his response to the complaints of misreporting by the Fiji Sun about SODELPA.  The Fiji Sun reported that Sitiveni Rabuka had been appointed to the position of Deputy Leader, only to have this denied by SODELPA who have now complained to Ashwin Raj.  The regime rules about the media are very strict, so there’s no question as to what he should do.  We all know that any other media would be pounced on for making such a mistake, but the Fiji Sun is special.  Like Fiji First it’s above the rules.

Fiji Village: 15/04/2014 Rabuka is not the Deputy Leader of SODELPA – Tabaiwalu

Let’s have Frank Watch

April 15, 2014

The regime propaganda machine tells us that Bainimarama told a village meeting in the Yasawas “Whatever our background, wherever we come from, we all belong, we are all equal.  And only by working together as one nation can Fiji truly be united, prosperous and fulfil its destiny – truly the way the world should be.”

This we are told was his response to the blunt words of Ratu Timoci Vesikula.  He didn’t manage to say anything so direct when he was facing Ratu Timoci so a lot of us doubt he would have the courage to say it to a village audience.  What we need are our own independent reporters on the ground, reporting what Bainimarama actually says.  We all know too many politicians have said one thing to one audience and another thing to others.

Let’s hold Bainimarama to telling the truth.  If you hear reports of what he says, tell the blogs who can report the truth.  Don’t let the Ministry of Propaganda get away with lies.

Joke of the week

April 3, 2014

Ashwin Raj, the head of the regime’s Media Industry Development Authority, has written a letter of outrage to the head of the Australian Broadcasting Commission complaining about a report from ABC reporter Sean Dorney implying that there’s not 100% media freedom in Fiji. How dare he?  Doesn’t he understand that that’s the kind of reporting that got him banned. And now MIDA is going to set up a media monitor to make sure that all reporting is unbiased. It will use the Media decree to impose a code of conduct on journalists under which they can be fined or jailed for up to 5 years for breaking his rules.  Anyone who says the media isn’t free can be jailed!   Doesn’t Ashwin Raj realize how stupid this is?

Forgotten when the news photo faded

February 8, 2014

Our big-hearted PM visited Rajesh Prasad in 2010 to see what was happening to his house which had been invaded by the kadi vuka. The caring godfather PM immediately ordered that Rajesh and his family be given temporary shelter at quarters designated for government workers in Lautoka. But before the house was properly completed the family were given an eviction notice. All the Military Commissar Western could say was that he’s old news now, so, like the kadi vuka, he should buzz off. We don’t need to remind anyone that the good news story in 2010 was in the Fiji Sun while the latest bump down to reality was in the Fiji Times who will probably face threats for printing it.

FijiTimes, February 01, 2014 Family in despair

Radio New Zealand outs regime dirty campaign

November 7, 2013

The people of Nasau village thought they were signing a document to give consent for a seaweed project but it turned out it was a petition asking the Government to cancel elections in order to give Commodore Frank Bainimarama a mandate not to hold elections in September next year as promised. This must be Bainimarama’s escape plan if it starts to look like his non-existent party turns out to be less popular than he hopes it will be. The United Front for a Democratic Fiji’s Mick Beddoes has made the claim and Radio New Zealand has broadcast it. No doubt local media will be too scared to report it, but it cannot be hidden.

Radio New Zealand 05 November, 2013 Claims Fiji village duped into saying election not necessary

Regime gets a taste of its own medicine

November 1, 2013

The regime controlled Fijian Holdings Limited has been told it will soon be forced to sell a majority of its Fiji TV shares in Papua New Guinea. According to the regime appointed FHL CEO, Nouzab Fareed, the Papua New Guinea Government will soon adopt a new media ownership law. Fareed claims the company is a cash cow right now, so FHL stands to lose money when it’s forced to sell 51% of its shares to meet the new ownership rules. It’s just like the situation News Limited faced when they were forced by the Khaiyum media decree to sell the Fiji Times. It’s a taste of the regime’s own medicine and probably a response to the Kubuabola speech in Brisbane talking about PNG leaders they’re puppets of Australia. Well done Inoke or whatever other genius thought it was a smart idea to poke PNG in the eye.

Radio Fiji Oct 30, 2013 Fiji TV may sell PNG Shares

Radio Khaiyum on the RFMF’s case

October 28, 2013

Radio Khaiyum has reported the story of a man abducted by military personnel over what looks like a purely personal matter. Keni Finau told FBC News he had lodged a complaint against a military officer in 2010 and FBC ran with the story. Police Chief of Operations ACP Rusiate Tudravu claims the FPF is “working closely with the military about the complaint from Finau”, which is regime bullshit speak for “it’s going nowhere”. What’s really interesting about this report is that it’s broadcast on FBC run by the Khaiyum brother. Our media is muzzled when it comes to political news so it looks like Khaiyum is using this report to show that he’s the boss. He, not the military, is the boss.

Radio Fiji Oct 22, 2013 Police investigate alleged military beating

Bainikhaiyum’s growth industry

October 15, 2013

The CWM may be a crumbling ruin but the shiny new facility beside Korovou prison is just one of the new prison facilities which the Fiji Corrections Service (FCS) were showing off on their fun day yesterday. But even with their new capacity there are still 150 more prisoners that there are prison beds. Bainimarama promised to cut crime when he seized government but it’s obvious this hasn’t happened. Reporting of crime has been suppressed but crime goes on. Brutality has not solved crime and never will.

Fiji Times October 13, 2013 Jails exceed capacity by 110