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An idiot’s smile for the camera

November 19, 2013


He’s a nightmare for official photographers who have to try to make him look good. The truth is he’s a buffoon and an embarrassment.

Bua Provincial Council relies on FHL dividends

November 19, 2013

Before his 2006 coup Bainimarama was telling everyone that PM Qarase enriched himself by turning the Government loan to FHL into shares. The truth is the Qarase Government handed the shares to Provincial Councils. A report in the Fiji Times now confirms how important these shares are to Provincial Councils. “Council chairman Alipate Radrodro said the council managed to collect $170,277.54 from their Fijian Holding Limited shares.” Without these funds the Bua Council would struggle to do its job.

Fiji Times November 19, 2013 Levy below target

You’ve got no hope

November 13, 2013


“I don’t know – anyone but you!” Joketani has just given the bad news to Aziz. He might be Minister for Defence but no-one will ask Jo who should be the Commander when Frank finally has to stand aside. However Jo knows that the Commander will not be Aziz. Poor old Ravi has just processed what this means – “No Commissioner job for you, Ravi”. Aziz can’t be Commander because he’s Indian, so he’ll have to be made Police Commissioner. The truth of Frank’s Race Free Fiji will be obvious to all when he doesn’t make Aziz Commander.

The FPF mess gets worse

November 13, 2013

We all know our Police Force has gone downhill fast since the coup in 2006. First Teleni tried to turn the force into a tent revival show. Then Naivalurua tried to lift professional standards but the rot was advanced and made worse by the FPF being forced to follow illegal directives from above such as the stop on investigating the torture video. A serious crime was filmed with faces of perpetrators clear for all to see along with the number plate of one of the vehicles but still no arrests. Now we have Policeman stealing from the scene of a crime and the victim was told if he made a complaint he would not be able to access his property, a computer hard drive he needed for his work as a teacher. Pure BULLSHIT!! A crime is a crime.

Fiji Village: 12/11/2013 Police officer charged for stealing from crime scene

Khaiyum in hiding over Cloud Nine

November 13, 2013

The High Court in Lautoka has ordered the Police to cease trying to move the floating entertainment pontoon known as Cloud 9 from where it is currently moored on Navula Reef off Momi Bay in Nadi. Tony Philp Jr was able to show the judge that he had all the necessary approvals for his floating entertainment centre. Meanwhile Khaiyum has gone into hiding, refusing to meet with Philp or answer media questions. He can’t explain why he wants to close down a business that meets all the registration requirements needed to operate.

Fiji Times November 12, 2013 In favour of Cloud 9

Fijilive November 12, 2013 Cloud 9 owner waits on AG. weighs options

The Constitutional Commission

November 12, 2013


Joketani Cokanasiga might be the Minister for Home Affairs but he will have no say about the appointment of the new Police Commissioner. He said he didn’t know who had applied and didn’t know when the Constitutional Commissioner would tell him who it would appoint.

Fiji Times November 11, 2013 Minister waits for decision

The Fiji Airways nightmare

November 7, 2013

If Fiji Airways has empty seats, our national carrier is doomed. The cargo holds of the new A330s have little room for air cargo, a big blow to our exporters, but they are fully loaded with debt. If there is any disruption like what happened in 2000 or 2006, Fiji Airways is finished. The debt burden will cause a nose dive from which recovery will be impossible.

Portrait of an investor in Frank’s Fiji

October 30, 2013


Fiji Sun is always talking up the interest in investing in Fiji, none of which ever seems to materialise (except for the give-aways of natural resources to Chinese investors). The sad truth is that the queue of investors in tourism is made up of the likes of Big Chief Larry Claunch and our friend here.

The FPF is sick with Bainikhaiyum disease

October 22, 2013

The cancellation of the Commissioner of Police’s 3rd quarterly parade scheduled for Friday is an indictment of the state of the Fiji Police Force under the Bainikhaiyum regime. It started with Teleni turning Commissioner’s parades into Revival meetings, ignoring the reality of the multi-faith force. Naivalurua tried to instil discipline in the force and led from the front, but he only seemed to the make the divisions worse. And then he’s gone without any explanation. The claim that the low turnout to the Commissioner’s Parade was due to transport difficulties is truly pathetic. That’s the same old excuse they give when the FPF don’t answer calls from people having their homes invaded. The FPF is a sick institution and the disease it suffers from is called Bainikhaiyum.

Fijilive OCtober 19, 2013 Low turnout postpones Commissioner’s parade

Fiji Village: 21/10/2013 Low turnout last Friday caused by transportation issues

Spend $1 billion, then what?

October 9, 2013

Who would have believed it? Former Air Pacific CEO, David Pflieger, committed the company to a re-branding and the purchase of over a billion dollars of new planes and then promptly bailed out, leaving the company to find a way of making this commitment work. So what does new CEO, Stefan Pichler, think they need? A plan!!! They need a plan??? So what plan did Pfleiger have when he committed the company to huge debts with borrowings at interest rates we’ve never been told? The funny name tags saying the planes were owned by some Fly By Night company in Ireland were a worry, but the news that it was all done without a plan is a cause for panic.

Fiji Times 8 October 2013 Fiji Airways formulates five-year development plan