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Bainimarama still sheltering his buddy Larry

June 2, 2014

Bainimarama’s buddy Larry Claunch is being sued by the Snoqualmie Tribe for the $1.5 million they gave him to start the casino which has never got off the ground. Claunch on behalf of One Hundred Sands Ltd issued a promissory note that guaranteed it would repay the tribe $1.5m plus interest by February 2, 2014. He also promised to build a casino, but we all know that he’s done nothing but park equipment on a couple of different sites. He’s a conman and everybody but Blood Brother Bai can see it. What hold does Larry have over his buddy? Does he have the details of Frank’s overseas bank account?

Fijilive June 01, 2014 Tribe sues Fiji casino developer

Tudravu doing all the talking again

January 2, 2014

Once again it’s Fiji police chief of operations Rusiate Tudravu whose doing all the talking for the Fiji Police Force. Where is our acting Commissioner? Is he dumb? Has Khaiyum not given him a licence to speak?
Radio Fiji 2 January 2014 Chief of operations acknowledges hard work of staff

Crime keeps on climbing

December 22, 2013

The streets are just not safe. Apart from what we see in the media, we all know it is really bad, far worse than when Bainimarama seized power and vowed a crack-down. The problem is Bainimarama politicised the FPF and we are all now paying the price. The prisons are full to overflowing, despite new buildings and increased recruitment, but crime keeps growing. In 2006 we had a professional Police Commissioner but now we have an acting Commissioner who cannot command a force that is split with intrigue, gossip and back-stabbing. Naivalurua was undermined from within and stabbed in the back by Khaiyum. To solve the crime problem, first solve the Police problem.

Fiji Times, December 22, 2013 Break-ins, mugging, increase

Suva streets are not safe

December 11, 2013

A 26 old man coming out of a restaurant early on Saturday morning to catch a taxi was chased by a gang of 15 to 16 people and there were no police in sight. The police admit that the increase in assaults is frightening but their only advice is to tell people not to carry large amounts of money or wear expensive jewellery. Is that really the best they can do? Didn’t Bainimarama promise to make our streets and our homes safe?

Radio Fiji Dec 09, 2013 Man traumatised, Police investigate assault cases,-police-investigate-assault-cases

The Bainimarama model

October 22, 2013

Is it just a co-incidence, or is it a result of the seizure by force of control of state in 2006. One thing is for sure there has been an increase in violence. Within a 48 hour period Fiji Police received reports of six violent assaults. The lesson that you take whatever you like from others if you are stronger has been rammed down our necks for the past 7 years.

Fijilive October 20, 2013 Assault cases on the rise: Police

The wild west

October 15, 2013

Does anyone remember the promise to put an end to crime? The army was supposed to beat the criminal elements down. When Teleni was Commissioner the FPF tried to fake the crime statistics but it didn’t take Einstein to work out that you can’t hide crime from victims. The latest statistics reveal that crime is highest in the Western Division. All the FPF could do was “plead with members of the public to be responsible and take precautions in securing their properties”.

Fijilive October 14, 2013 West tops theft cases

Bainimarama will say anything

July 24, 2013

This is what Bainimarama told an audience when he was was opening his brand new Remand Centre in Suva: “Our aim is not only to punish, but to help these people become responsible citizens for the betterment of Fiji.” This is said by the man who personally ordered a goon squad reporting directly to him to systematically beat escapees. Is that the way to rehabilitate? The message that Bainimarama sends is simple: if you use force you are in the right and you can do and say what you like. That’s a recipe for more violent crime.

Radio Fiji 23 July 2013 New Remand Centre will not solve all: PM

Take note now Naivalurua – it’s official

July 13, 2013

The formal paper trail that will convict Police Commissioner Naivalurua of covering up the beating of re-captured prisoner Iowane Benedito has now been started. Viriseini Vakarau and her daughter Maresela Kalokalosere lodged the complaint on behalf of the family at the Police Headquarters at Laucala Beach at around midday yesterday. Take note Naivalurua, you are responsible. No-one else. You will wind up in Naboro for your own law-breaking.

Fiji Village: 12/07/2013 Benedito’s mother lodges official police complaint

Why do we now have 8 magistrates in Suva?

July 8, 2013

Illegal chief Justice Anthony Gates mentioned in passing a swearing in of Justices of the Peace and Commissioner of Oaths that there were only 3 Magistrates in Suva when he arrived and now there are 8. The reason for this is not hard to understand. It’s crime. We need more and more Magistrates to lock up young iTaukei men convicted of crime. When Bainimarama seized power he promised to end this problem, but it’s obvious he has not done this. In Fearless frank’s Race Free Fiji, we cannot even mention this problem, let alone try to agree policies to solve it.

Radio Fiji 7 July 2013
Major developments for Fiji’s Justice Department

Successful fraud?

June 6, 2013

The acquittal of a former stores officer for the Fiji Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Supplies raises serious questions. He was charged on the basis that he’d received 675,000 amoxicillin capsules valued at $30,973.27 between February 5, 2008 and September 22, 2008. But the facts are that this number of tablets couldn’t fit into the number of cartons received. So has someone paid for more tablets than were actually received? Is this why hospitals and clinics are always short of basic drugs they’re supposed to have? Has a fraud been covered up? It’s typical of the Bainikhaiyum regime that people at the top get away with serious crime while others are subject to persecution on the basis of rumours and false reports.

Fiji Sun June 5, 2013 Former stores officer acquitted