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Bai and Khai will not be happy

July 13, 2014

SODELPA support is growing more open – will the regime react?

The picture of some of the giants of Fiji rugby turning up to a SODELPA party rally will not be welcomed by Bainimarama and Khaiyum. Following the story last week exposing the complaint of wife-beating against Bainimarama jnr, the dictator duo will be as mad as hell against the Fiji Times. But the world is watching and any action now will be seen to be retaliation for publishing stories the regime doesn’t like.  What will particularly worry them about this story is the encouragement it gives to ordinary Fijians everywhere to step up and be seen as supporters of SODELPA and other parties standing against Bainimarama’s Fiji Fist Party.  The more people who stand up, the more people will be able to stand up and be counted as supporters because there will be too many for the regime to try to intimidate.
Fiji Times, July 13, 2014 NRL stars show support at SODELPA event

PDP listens to the people

June 12, 2014

The People’s Democratic party has been visiting iTaukei villages in the Northern Division and listening to the concerns of the people about the protection of their traditional lands. Bainimarama has told them that their lands are protected under the constitution, even though the constitution scrapped all past protections, but the people are asking questions and they want answers.  And while Bainimarama is attacking chiefs, PDP is saying: “We are also working with chiefs and traditional leaders and their involvement is important”.

Fiji Times June 12 2014  Call to secure land rights

A victory for truth

June 10, 2014


The restoration of Tamanirarama Jone’s scholarship is a victory for truth. The explanation from the TSLB, the regime scholarship factory, is a pack of half truths but we know the truth has won out.  The TSLB claims it became aware of “certain information” but doesn’t say what that information was. They’ve backed down because they fear the voters.  The election has at last given us a chance to take on the dictatorial regime and demand answers.  The regime which has never down has been forced to back down.  And to the bloggers who say a vote for Roshika Deo is a wasted vote because she will not get 5% and it will only take votes from anti regime parties, FDN says: voters should make up their minds at the end of the campaign, not the start.  Keep campaigning.  Roshika has won one victory over the regime.  Who knows how many more she will win.

Fiji Times June 09, 2014 Scholarship back

Isn’t this what new politicians should look like?

June 2, 2014

Isn't this what new politicians should look like?

Roshika Deo is the newest politician in the land. She’s even an independent. No ties to any of the old parties. This is everything Bainimarama said he stands for and yet when a young iTaukei supporter who shares her vision of a new Fiji volunteered to help her, his scholarship was cancelled. This is not just a denial of constitution rights – it’s proof that the whole Bainimarama seizure of power is built on a lie.

Fiji Times June 01, 2014 Scholarship future worries student activist

Take it up with Frank

April 14, 2014

Between now and September Bainimarama will be visiting villages and settlements all over Fiji.  Among the many questions he will have to answer is why the ballot paper people will have to vote on is a mass of numbers.  No-one was consulted about any of the decisions made for this election.  We have one big consistuency and one big ballot paper covered in numbers.  Let’s make sure that everyone who meets Bainimarama asks him why we have this system and why no-one was given an opportunity to comment.  Why does everything have to be handed down from the top like a military order?  The political parties have complained, but everybody should join in and ask the questions that have never been answered.

Radio Fiji 13 April 2014 Political parties call for changes to ballot paper

Dr Biman Prasad throws down the gauntlet

April 3, 2014

Dr Biman Prasad, a former lecturer and newcomer to politics, has challenged the self-appointed PM to a debate. He’s also put down a long and substantial list of policy topics revealing the lack of achievement of the past eight years – starting with an economic growth rate that averaged barely 1%, lack of investment, poor services etc etc. He also challenged Bainimarama to get rid of all restrictions on freedom of speech. “We will not be dictatorial, we will not be vindictive, we will not harass and we will not go out on a witch hunt. We will promote a politics of consensus not partisanship. We will bring in a politics of inclusiveness and not divisiveness.” After seven of ruling by decree and harassing all who oppose him, Bainimarama will need to remake himself if he wants to debate Dr Prasad.  What’s the bet that he declines the challenge?
Fijilive March 30, 2014 NFP leader invites PM to debate

You don’t have to be a mind reader

January 9, 2014

Bainimarama told the Christmas church service that anyone in the military who didn’t like what he was doing was free to leave. Judging from the look on all the faces this message didn’t go down very well.

What’s this? Now chiefs appointed by the gun?

November 11, 2013

The report that a joint force of police and military have been visiting the Natewa area is disturbing. The regime claims the aim was to build a strengthened relationship with the people but this fools no-one. It’s clearly designed to intimidate the people into supporting the regime’s candidate for the position of Vunivalu of Natewa. In 2010 Ratu Amenatape Belo was installed as the regime-friendly candidate but his commission was withdrawn by the Almighty barely two years later. This was the second time there had been divine intervention in the selection of the Vunivalu. Will there have to be a third intervention? The fact that the regime has to send in a joint military/police force to intimidate the people gives the game away. The people do not want a Vunvalu who has the blessing of a PM appointed by the power of the gun.

Fiji Times November 08, 2013 Military, police tour district

What’s happening in Cakaudrove?

November 7, 2013

It seems no-one wants to chair the Cakaudrove Provincial Council. Bainimarama took over for himself the power to appoint Provincial Council Chairs but apparently no-one in Cakaudrove is prepared to be HIS nominee. How good would it be if all Provincial Council Chairmen handed in their resignations and declined to be the appointees of Bainimarama. This would be a good way to let the regime know that the Councils believe they should have the right to elect their own chairs.

Fiji Times November 06, 2013 Council chair vacant

Radio New Zealand outs regime dirty campaign

November 7, 2013

The people of Nasau village thought they were signing a document to give consent for a seaweed project but it turned out it was a petition asking the Government to cancel elections in order to give Commodore Frank Bainimarama a mandate not to hold elections in September next year as promised. This must be Bainimarama’s escape plan if it starts to look like his non-existent party turns out to be less popular than he hopes it will be. The United Front for a Democratic Fiji’s Mick Beddoes has made the claim and Radio New Zealand has broadcast it. No doubt local media will be too scared to report it, but it cannot be hidden.

Radio New Zealand 05 November, 2013 Claims Fiji village duped into saying election not necessary