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Chaudhry exposes another decree dirty trick

December 3, 2013

Labour leader, Mahendra Chaudhry, has revealed that the Parties Decree, which was already an extreme law, demanding all sorts of personal information from party leaders, has been amended to make it even more extreme. Bainimarama is desperate to cripple his rivals before the election, but he doesn’t dare create his own party. He even hints that he might stand as an independent candidate. We’ll have to wait and see if the latest rule change is aimed at any particular party, but Chaudhry may well be one of the prime targets. Is Bainimarama hoping to get support from Chaudhry’s rivals if he can knock Chaudhry out of the contest for them?

Radio New Zealand 29 November, 2013 Amended Fiji decree to intimidate political parties and officials – Chaudhry

FLP back to the future

August 12, 2013

Mahendra Chaudhry has called for a caretaker administration before next year’s polls. He has also called for the re-instatement of the Great Council of Chiefs and the return of the 1997 constitution. This is certainly back to the future. If he had a time machine and went back to 2006 would he refuse to join the Qarase multi-party government and spend his time trying to undermine it, including undermining his FLP colleagues who tried hard to make the only genuinely representative government we’ve ever had work?

Radio New Zealand 11 August, 2013 Fiji Labour Party wants caretaker administration before polls

Chaudhry takes a huge swipe before departing

July 10, 2013

MPC has taken a big swipe at Khaiyum just before leaving the country for New Zealand. He said the Khaiyum claim that, previous Governments never had to disclose their incomes is completely misleading. He said “the salaries of parliamentarians were always available for the public to see”. They were set by a a Parliamentary Commission and the report of this commission was published. “He is plainly lying” Chaudhry said. Mr Chaudhry said he is amazed at how secretive the regime is being about their salaries and says the government must have something to hide. Well said MPC.

Radio New Zealand 09 July, 2013 Fiji’s Chaudhry says AG’s claims on past governments misleading

Regime ready to pounce on Chaudhry

June 7, 2013

The regime has been getting very excited about the deadline today for registering parties to declare their assets and liabilities to the Registrar of Political Parties. This includes the income, assets and liabilities of spouses and children of the applicants and executives, whether in Fiji or abroad. Every detail imaginable is demanded. NFP and SODELPA have declared their readiness, but FLP seem to be keeping their counsel. It’s obvious to the whole world that this is a trap laid by Khaiyum to knock Chaudhry out of the contest. But do Bainimarama and Khaiyum really think that Chaudhry’s followers will repay them for this by voting for the Bainikhaiyum party?

Radio Fiji 7 June 2013 Political parties ready to declare assets

One rule for me another for you

May 25, 2013

A Fiji Sun report has made clear, yet again, that Bainimarama has one rule for himself and another for everybody else. Mahendra Chaudhry texted the Fiji Sun to say “Your newspaper should first ask Bainimarama and (Sayed-) Khaiyum to declare their assets and their salaries.” Bainimarama’s response was to say “I will declare everything that is required under the decree when the time comes and that is when I register my party. ” He gave the Fiji Labour Party 28 days to re-register but he gives himself no time limit for following his own rules.

Fiji Sun May 23, 2013 PM, Chaudhry clash on assets

FLP on the starting blocks, where is Frank?

May 23, 2013

This weekend the Fiji Labour Party leadership will sit down to plan their strategy for next year’s elections. As in the past they’ll be organised and ready to mobilise the voters. And once again this raises the question of where is Frank? Why can’t he announce the details of his party? Is he busy hiding his assets and sources of income? Can’t he afford to step aside as Commander because he hasn’t got a stooge he can trust to appoint as Commander? Is he struggling to think of a name for his party? So far he hasn’t got any party members who can go out and collect the 5000 names of registered voters he needs to form a party. Meanwhile, the other parties are going from strength to strength.

Fiji Live May 22, 2013 FLP to meet over 2014 elections plan

The united opposition

May 16, 2013

The meeting of the United Front for a Democratic Fiji at Rishikul on 15 May 2013 is a reminder of how far we have travelled under the Bainikhaiyum regime. Such unity of purpose between all the parties and people involved would have been unthinkable in 2006. FLP and NFP, Tupeni Baba and Mahendra Chaudhry, plus Ted Beddoes as a member of the SDL (even if it is pronounced SODELPA). Youth activists Tura Lewai and Roshika Deo on the same stand with the old generation. We’re left wondering who will be in the Frank Party which as yet has no name. So far the party membership list has a family who received a house in Lautoka and a Beqa Tikina representative.

Fiji Times May 15, 2013 Opposition holds public meeting tonight

Thank you Grubby – Go MPC!!

May 10, 2013

Everyone loves ‘positive feedback’, Mahendra Chaudhry must be happy to see that he’s been targetted by the Qorvis Grub propaganda machine. They claim that MPC has not been cooperating with journalists!! We can be sure that the regime is getting feedback that Chaudhry is very effective in his attacks on them. Behind the scenes we can be sure that Khaiyum will be giving a lot of time to rigging the judiciary to ensure that they can convict Chaudhry to keep him out of elections next year. Thank you Grubby for the feedback!! We love your work.

Fiji Sun May 9, 2013 The politics of economy with the truth

Will the Chaudhry court case let us look inside the regime?

April 29, 2013

There are hints from the reports of the court case dealing with the charges of breaching the Exchange Control Act against Mahendra Chaudhry that Chaudhry will draw on the phony investigations made by the regime when he was Finance Minister in the Interim Government. Chaudhry’s lawyer said Chaudhry had been told the matter would not be brought up again once the investigation he complied with was complete. it will be interesting to see what surfaces in court about the cosy ‘inside’ inquiry. When Chaudhry left the regime his insurance policy seems to have expired after he became critical of the regime’s policies, particularly their neglect of the sugar industry. It’s obvious that Bainimarama and Khaiyum assumed they had these charges in their back-pockets to keep Chaudhry under control. But Chaudhry is not that easy to intimidate.

Fijilive, April 26, 2013 Chaudhry exchange control ruling on notice

Chaudhry is on the attack over the constitution

March 25, 2013

Mahendra Chaudhry is predictably scathing of the Bainikhaiyum tailor made constitution. The preamble which says “we, the people of Fiji give ourselves this Constitution” is according to Chaudhry “ridiculous”. “People have had no hand in this Constitution”. He said “the decrees which remove the rights of people, which are repressive, they are also being retained and the other thing is that this regime continues in office until the next election.” It’s hardly a recipe for a fair election, but it looks like Chaudhry is now ready to fight.

Radio Australia 22 March 2013 Fiji Labour Party condemns draft constitution