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So what IS in all that cane?

July 6, 2013

One of the reasons for our bad drop in sugar production is the poor yields. The average is now 42 tonnes a hectare, compared with 52 not so long ago. But Adbul Khan has now revealed that cane these days is lower in sugar. Amazingly, it’s also lower in fibre, which makes us wonder what the cane is actually made of. FDN suspects that Abdul Khan is just getting in his excuses for poor mill performance. The poor cane to sugar ratio is the farmers fault, not his or the mills. Let’s hear more from Marika Ganuanvou and less from this buffoon.

Fiji Times July 05, 2013 Low sugar content

Abdul Khan, can you give us a break

June 29, 2013

FDN rides Abdul Khan hard. We expose his exaggerations, inconsistencies and his lies, but we are always surprised by his stupidity. Two days ago he boasted that all the sugar for this year has been sold already – before it’s been produced. He then says the following day he “hopes” $19 million worth of sugar from last season sitting in Labasa waiting to be shipped will be exported next month. Is this the last of the 60,000 tonnes that was still unsold two months ago? And is “hope” the best he can manage? Has he got some kind of stall on the Malau wharf to sell to passing ships, or does he have contracts with real buyers? A man so incredibly dumb could not stay in his job without two men above him (Vaniqi and Bainimarama) who are even dumber.

Fiji Village: 27/06/2013 FSC hopes for export of $19M worth of sugar

The truth cannot be hidden

June 20, 2013

Bainimarama thought it fair that he could have Fiji TV sports commentator, Satish Narain, sacked for daring to criticise the loud music played during events at the South Pacific Games which were under the direction of his daughter as CEO of the Sports Council. Good old dad Bai gave his daughter the job, so the least he could do was have her critics sacked. But he didn’t realise that this could never be kept secret. First, Coup 4.5 freedom blog site exposed it and now Radio New Zealand has reported it. Our muzzled media cannot report it, but now the world knows that Fiji TV were threatened with loss of their licence if they didn’t sack Satish Narain.
Radio Zealand 19 June, 2013 PFF condemns Fiji leader’s action against Fiji TV

Has Sam resigned?

June 14, 2013

Bloggers are reporting that the Minister for Housing and local Government, Col Samuela Saumatua, has resigned. This would not be surprising following his humiliation at the the hands of Khaiyum. Some bloggers say he had it coming to him because he was part of the regime, but people who know Sam think he’s one of those people who thinks he can make a bad regime better. If he resigns now he might just be able to do that. He’d be proving what everybody but Bainimarama can see clearly – Khaiyum calls all the shots and Bainimarama is left looking like his puppet.

Can we scale the Golan Heights?

June 12, 2013

A blogger on freedom blogsite Coup 4.5 has put his finger on a very important issue. How ready are the RFMF to deploy to a real hotspot after a decade of being run by a man who’s a politician not a soldier?

“Thanks to Bainimarama, the RFMF is losing its readiness to serve on peacekeeping missions, even in a light infantry mode. The U.S. ban against military training and equipage, caused by Bainimarama’s coup, is ever steadily lowering readiness. Syria isn’t a permissive environment filled with a passive, apathetic and unarmed populace. It isn’t Suva.”

Sa yala eke

June 10, 2013

A blogger going by the name Roko Udolunaiwau posted this on Coup 4.5.

Frank thinks Fiji should be secular state

I said; “that’s ok”

Franks feels lease rent be shared equally

I said; “yeah, in a way its ok”

Frank Wants “one- man-one-vote”

I said; “If it’s okay by you its fine by me”

Frank is not sure whether to entrench native land protection

I said; “it’s gonna cost you”

Dark clouds over tourism

June 8, 2013

An Australian economist has predicted that there’s going to be fall in tourists from Australia in the period ahead. He said even though we get only 4% of Australian tourists they represent over half of our tourists. A blogger on Fiji Today has also pointed out that our share of Australians travelling overseas for holidays has fallen from over 7% before Speight, down to 5% when Speight messed our image, all the way down to 4% after Bainimarama completed our image as a Banana Republic. This will be bad news for all Air Pacific staff who have seen their airline take on a huge gamble with the purchase of a billion dollars worth of airplanes, all on credit.


June 7, 2013

Freedom blogsite Intelligentsiya has reprinted the The Muanikau Accords signed in Suva on 9 July 2000 to get the Speight Group to lay down their arms. It was signed by Ratu Josaia Voreqe Bainimarama as Head of the Interim military Government. That’s right, “Ratu” Josaia. This reminds us that he made his first bid for power as a Ratu heading an agenda initiated by ethno-nationalists. When that failed because a civilian Interim Government headed by Laisenia Qarase was installed and then elected twice, he changed his tune.


Why is Akuila Yabaki silent?

June 7, 2013

Torture Watch blog site has reported the intimidation of Rodney Yee, a staff member of the Citizens Constitutional Forum (CCF). He was picked up by the army and taken to QEB in Nabua for the usual threats. It’s surprising that Akuila Yabaki, the head of CCF, has not made a public statement revealing this and calling for an investigation by the police. This would protect Rodney Yee from further intimidation because it would put the threats on the public record. Does Akuila Yabaki think this will get him lenient treatment for his contempt of court charges? That would be a big mistake. That’s not the way Khaiyum works. Only by upping the ante and going public can he make it hard for the regime to carry through with its threats.


Land lies exposed

June 6, 2013

Isireli Koyamaibole has been called a liar for claiming that the Khaiyum draft constitution removes all past protection for iTaukei land but Koyamaibole has set out his reasons in very clear detail while Bainimarama and Khaiyum have done nothing but call Koyamaibole a liar. They have made no attempt to address the points he’s raised. Our muzzled media will never be allowed to print the Koyamaibole article but it’s freely available on the freedom blog sites. Click on the link below to see Coup 4.5’s printing of the whole article.

Coup 4.5 June 5, 2013
Koyamaibole: Fiji’s Land Liar