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The way of the Fiji Fist Party

July 7, 2014

Meli – son and heir – a shining example of the Bainimarama way

How many lectures have we had from the leader of Fiji Fist on domestic violence.?  He even had Khaiyum churn out a decree for it – the Domestic Violence Decree 2009.  From the start there has been a contradiction between the high sounding regime rhetoric and the practice. The regime kicked off (so to say) with cowardly attacks on women taken to QEB for speaking out against the coup. Now the truth of the Fiji Fist way is laid bare to see with arrest of the dictator’s son and heir on charges of domestic violence, but the most embarrassing part of this story is the fact that the wife who complained is facing more serious charges than the  husband.  We can thank the Fiji Times for this story, will they now be punished for this?  They are reporting something the regime claims to be worried about, but let’s see if they are true to their rhetoric or their record.
Fiji Times, July 07, 2014  Charged

Fiji Times, July 07, 2014  Bainimarama granted bail





A worthless promise

June 30, 2014

The interim regime has promised the elderly poor people on its social pension that they can have increase in the pension from $30  month to $50 a month buthey have to wait until next year.A promise for next year from this regime as we all know means nothing. Next year they will discover the pot is empty and the promise will be gone. A regime which is prepared to cut FNPF pensions, taking away people’s own money, cannot be trusted to honour promises. The major issue in this election is truth versus lies.

Fiji Times, June 29, 2014  Cabinet approves pension increase for elderly

Ashwin Raj is a puppet without credibility

June 25, 2014

Once again the heavy hand of the regime spreads the message of lack of media freedom

Ashwin Raj has declared everything Patrick Craddock and Matt Thomsom said to be false – according to him “none of their statements hold true and they didn’t bother to check their facts”.   This puppet had no credibility to start with but his credibility is even less than zero now. The MIDA decree (section 10) even says he has to take direction from the Minister and it looks like this is exactly what he’s done.  This is a job for a puppet without an ounce of self-respect. His two predecessors could not work under a system which requires them to regulate the media while also being required to take direct orders from Khaiyum. As for fact checking, he needs to learn how to do this himself instead of following orders from his puppet master. Did he ask the Police whether they were checking up on Netani Rika?  MIDA is supposed to regulate the media, not individuals who might want to have their voices heard in the media. The one good thing about all this is that it has again highlighted the lack of media freedom in Fiji.

Radio Fiji 25 JunMIDA seeks explanatione 2014 MIDA seeks explanation


The state of health services

November 26, 2013

The United Front for a Democratic Fiji has called for the resignation of the Health minister, Dr Neil Sharma. Drugs spoiling while sitting in stocks, shoddy supplies from China and India, and a shortage of anaesthetists were some of the problems they cited. These are not news to people who rely on government health services, which doesn’t include Bainimarama or Khaiyum who go overseas for treatment. A blogger on Coup 4.5 quoted an example raised in the Naitasiri Provincial Council of a medical emergency in Nabobuco where the Ambulance in Vunidawa was not allowed to go to attend an injured man who died as a result. The doctor gave pathetic excuses about rain, damage to the ambulance, only one driver etc but also admitted the he feared the Health Dept would surcharge them for Ambulance use.

Radio New Zealand 21 November, 2013 Call for minister to resign over state of hospitals in Fiji

Welcome to the blogosphere

August 9, 2013

The regime has announced that 55 police posts around the country will now have internet services. With that they’ll be able to access all Fiji Freedom Blogs. FDN welcomes this but wonders if this a trap to uncover police reading all the forbidden news on the blogs. So go for it, but “take care out there”.

Fiji Village: 08/08/2013 55 Police Community Posts to have internet service soon

Attack on internet cafes proves they fear us

August 7, 2013

The regime’s Suva City Council Commissar, Chandu Umaria, has issued a fatwa against internet cafes staying open after 9:00pm. Everybody knows, and the Internet cafe owners have told him, there are no children hanging around internet cafes after 9:00pm. A lot of people, including tourists, talk to their families overseas via the internet. And then there’s all those people accessing Fiji Freedom Blogsites. That’s no doubt what worries the regime. All their RFMF snoops don’t want to be hanging around internet cafes when they could be back at the camp drinking yaqona.

Fiji Times August 07, 2013 Council targets internet cafes

When will the Lautoka mill re-open?

August 6, 2013

On 24 July the regime’s FSC boss, Abdul Khan said that the Lautoka mill would be closed for 5 – 10 days. FDN said, this meant a 2 weeks minimum closure when translated from regime lies. On Sunday Abdul Khan said he hoped the Lautoka mill would re-open on Tuesday next week. Does that mean today, which would be 2 weeks as we predicted, or is it Tuesday next week, which would be 3 weeks? Meanwhile, cane is being carted all the way to the Rarawai mill, which has the worst performance of tonnes of cane to tonnes of sugar. In 2010 it needed more than 15 tonnes of cane to produce a tonne of sugar. This means a lot of cane is being wasted while the Lautoka mill remains closed.

Fiji Live August 04, 2013 Lautoka mill could be open next week: FSC

Whatever happened to Real jack?

August 2, 2013

On Fiji Board Exiles website, which is now hidden behind a log-in wall, Ranawai has reported that RealJack is busy finalising the new constitution which will be released shortly. This confirms that RJ has been scoring a bit of work from the AG, hence his turn-around and newly found ability to see the good side of the IG.

The cost of the choir ban

July 17, 2013

The Methodist Church has revealed that the ban on the choir contest at their Conference this year will mean repairs to the historic Baker Hall will now not go ahead. The choir contest, which is keenly contested, raises significant funds as well as bringing great joy to all the participants. FDN hopes Methodists realise this ban is the direct result of the influence of Khaiyum who hates the Methodist Church with a passion. It is not due to Catholic influence. Khaiyum thinks the Methodist Church was in league with chiefs for the 1987 coup which turned him into a bomb-maker. Baker Hall is part of the history of many Fijians, but not Khaiyum.

Fiji Times July 17, 2013 Baker Hall on ice

Say it isn’t so

July 15, 2013

Fiji Freedom blogsite, Coup 4.5, has reported that the new News Manager at Fiji TV is to be none other than Neumi Leweni, currently Counsellor to the Fiji Embassy in Beijing, but before that Permanent Secretary for Lands, RFMF spokesman and Warrant Officer in the RFMF Band. The man is a complete dunce who should be sitting in the corner with a cone hat on his head, but Bainimarama has promoted him from one job to another. In the military he was more like a pet dog kept as a Mascot by the Commander than a functioning military officer. When he was RFMF spokesmen other officers squirmed as they watch him mumble and ah er his way through public statements.

Coup 4.5 July 14, 2013 Fiji regime bullies Fiji TV into appointing media censor news manager