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Bainimarama proud of throwing away cane farmers money

July 3, 2014

The sugar industry has never been on Frank’s roadmap

Bainimarama enjoyed himself telling an Australian journalist the story of how he told the EU he didn’t need the 500million Euro in aid to cane farmers, which was lost because he broke the terms of the Cotonou agreement governing EU aid. Bainimarama claimed HE was offered a bribe but cane farmers all know the truth. He threw away THEIR money in order to hang on to power longer. The aid money was not for Bainimarama, it was for cane farmers to help THEM cope with the lower prices FSC now receives in the EU.  This tells us a lot about Bainimarama. His claim “I nearly hit him over the head with a bottle of Fiji Water” when the EU official supposedly offered him a bribe shows just how Bainimarama sees the issue.  It’s all about him, not the cane farmers and now he expects them to vote for him. Cane farmers should remember this when they vote: he not only threw away your money, he’s proud that he had the power to do it.
Fiji Live July 02, 2014 EU unaware of alleged PM bribe

It’s cut and run time in Frank’s Fiji

July 2, 2014

Vodaphone started as a 49% foreign-owned company and now it’s heading towards total local ownership. Qantas is still 49% foreign-owned but that’s only because they can’t find a buyer willing to take their shaky  Fiji Airways shares. BP South West Pacific have already left.  The Commonwealth Bank purchased a 49% shareholding in Colonial National Bank in 2006 but they sold this after Bainimarama trashed the constitution in 2009. Companies not willing to pay bribes have no future in Frank’s Fiji so they are cutting and running.

Fiji Times, July 02, 2014  Investment


Mills breakdown when issues get caught in the crusher

June 23, 2014

The turbine at Rarawai mill in Lautoka broke down on the first day of the season, signally an ominous sign for another harvest marred by mill problems. According to Abdul Khan, who pro-regime bloggers keep reminding us in an engineer, the breakdown was apparently caused by “an issue”. The Penang mill in Rakiraki also got off to a bad start when an “issue” got caught in the equipment there as well and led to a break-down.

Fiji Times, June 21, 2014 Mill breaks down


A good sign

June 20, 2014

A report that 3 hotels worth $20m are planned for Rakiraki is a good sign.  It shows what the promise of free and fair (or more or less free and fair) elections can do. If Bainimarama can prove that he has the approval of enough people to form a government on his own or in partnership with others the voters freely endorse we can hope for stable democracy and rule of law in place of decrees and dictatorship. Let’s face it though, the hotels will not be built before the elections and the owners of real hard cash will want to see credible elections before they sign cheques.

Fiji Times June 20, 2014  $20m for 3 hotels

World’s worst liar

June 17, 2014


Abdul Khan is lucky he only has to fool Dumb and Dumber

Abdul Khan has no challenger for the title of world’s worst liar, but he can still break his own records.  His latest challenge to his title comes with his comments on the dirty sugar that’s been appearing on supermarket shelves. Many people thought it was caused by importing sugar after all the local production had been exported. But, no, Abdul Khan assures us, we are now capable of producing a shit product ourselves.  No sugar has been imported, it’s all from our mills.  So what do we make of his statement: “We had stopped bagging the darker coloured sugar months ago so I’m surprised that this is still appearing on the selves”?  Last year’s harvest finished months ago, so of course “we” stopped bagging it.  Did he tell us to expect crap sugar at the time?

Fiji Times June 14 2014 Sugar colour issues

Why all the currency smuggling?

June 17, 2014

In the last week the Fiji Revenue and Customs Authority has reported 3 cases of people trying to smuggle $Fs out of the country hidden in luggage.  Why don’t they just report it and seek approval for its transfer?  Could it be because they wouldn’t get approval.  The big balance in foreign exchange that the regime boasts about is a result of tight controls.  People have to seek approval to pay their credit card bills in foreign currency.  And why the tight controls? Is it because the regime is terrified of another devaluation when the memory of the last one and the poverty it caused is so fresh in everyone’s memory?

Fiji Times 15 June 2014  Three currency smuggling cases

Abuse of audits instead of audits of abuse

June 12, 2014

Abuse of audits instead of audits of abuse

Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of iTaukei Affairs, Colonel Apakuki Kurusiga, has admitted that he’s years behind in auditing the books of his ministry. he said when he came to office he found that no financial audits had been carried since 1997. But now, he says, accountants are working on the 2003 financial report. And he says a selection of cases will bereferred to the Polie for investigation. Corruption in the Ministry of iTaukei Affairs was one of the reasons seizing power nearly 8 years ago, so why have we had to wait until now for an audit and the possibility of charges? And while we’re on the subject, where is the audit of the RFMF and all the unauthorised spending and fraudulent procurement that was notorious before the 2006 coup?
Fiji Sun 11 2014 Accounts – Board: Audit shows Abuse

Bullseye to the NFP

June 12, 2014

The NFP has entered the electoral contest with its aim fixed firmly at the cost of living and the hardship imposed by inflation in the price of basics since the devaluation in 2009.  This was the price that was paid by the poor for the abrogation of the constitution by the power hungry.  The Commerce Commission, headed by regime puppet Mahendra Reddy, approves all the price increases, normally rubber-stamping the inflated costs submitted by the big businesses which control most products.  The announcement that they’ve decreased the price of milk powder shows that the NFP under new leader Prof Biman Prasad were right on target when they took aim at the high costs of living and vowed to do something about it.

Fiji Live June 11 2014  Drop in milk powder price: Commerce Commission


Latest FSC stuff-up is unbelieveable

June 11, 2014

The regime run FSC has been promising the quality payment system for cane for years and this year was supposed to be THE year for introduction. But at the last moment they’ve been forced to admit it won’t go ahead.  Have they forgotten they said the system was “on hold” in 2012?  According to Abdul Khan, FSC has done tests in Labasa to determine the quality of the cane and the results have “been good and looks positive for us”.  Does he really expect us to believe this? Yields have been going down for years as farmers have cut back on fertiliser due to high prices and doubts about whether their investment will be safe with FSC in the hands of a regime that has lied for years about the management of FSC.

Fiji Times June 11 2014 New pay system on hold

Fiji Times 23 May 2012 New Formula on hold

Acting PM to the rescue

June 10, 2014

What would we do without him?  Khaiyum as acting PM has stepped in to solve the problem of “water woes”.  He seems to have forgotten that Water Authority of Fiji is his baby as Minister for Public Enterprises and has been for years.  He’s blaming “the old culture of not being service focused”. Has he forgotten that he’s the Minister for Public Enterprises, running everything for years, sacking people, issuing orders, and letting nothing escape his interference.  And it was over four years ago WAF took over all responsibility for all water issues.  According to the WAF website it was going to take two years to change the culture and make things work properly.  So why does he need to interfere as Acting PM when he’s already been running every aspect of water for more 4 years.

Fiji Times June 09, 2014 A-G steps in to solve water woes