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Frank’s race-free Fijians of the future don’t want him

September 12, 2013

protest released 2

Here they are: the new generation of leaders who can take us forward. They’re young, they’re educated and they cover the full spectrum of races and religions. So what does the Bainikhaiyum regime do? It locks them up! All they want is a voice in the Constitution which is being handed down to them without any opportunity to participate.

Regime continues internet crackdown

September 6, 2013

The Police have now joined Chandu Umaria in trying to control access to the internet in Suva internet cafes. They claim there’s a Code of Conduct for Internet Cafes which prohibits the circulation of “offensive materials, insults and slanderous statements aimed to create hatred among Fijians in Fiji and in foreign countries”. By this they mean anyone who challenges the regime’s right to impose its will by force. The good thing about this crackdown is it shows us the regime is worried by the freedom blogs on the internet. They now control everything in the media so the freedom blogs are the only way we can have a right of free speech.

Fijilive September 03, 2013 SCC, Police implement internet code

The draft Constitution and the Khaiyum sunset clause

August 31, 2013

Niko Nawaikula, the lawyer for the high chiefs of Fiji, has attacked the draft constitution for ignoring the identity of iTaukei as a people. He said despite being cautioned at the UN Human Rights Committee last year, the government has ignored group rights in the constitution and is in breach of international conventions, which Fiji has ratified. What Nawaikula can’t say, because he’d be jailed for saying it, is that the Constitution is straight from the from the Khaiyum blueprint for bringing an end to all iTaukei institutions. His infamous “sunset clause”.

Radio New Zealand 29 August, 2013 Fiji indigenous rights breached by constitution, says high chiefs’ lawyer

Regime persecution of the Methodist church continues

August 9, 2013

The Fiji Police Force are still sending police along to Church Standing Committee’s meetings and they’re demanding that the church shows them the agenda for the Annual Conference before it can go ahead. No other church is subjected to this treatment, which is an infringement of the basic rights of Methodist church members.

Fiji Sun August 8, 2013 Police to approve agenda first: Church

Attack on internet cafes proves they fear us

August 7, 2013

The regime’s Suva City Council Commissar, Chandu Umaria, has issued a fatwa against internet cafes staying open after 9:00pm. Everybody knows, and the Internet cafe owners have told him, there are no children hanging around internet cafes after 9:00pm. A lot of people, including tourists, talk to their families overseas via the internet. And then there’s all those people accessing Fiji Freedom Blogsites. That’s no doubt what worries the regime. All their RFMF snoops don’t want to be hanging around internet cafes when they could be back at the camp drinking yaqona.

Fiji Times August 07, 2013 Council targets internet cafes

Arun Prasad’s real crime

July 17, 2013

Sacked Ba Special Administrator Arun Prasad is denying allegations that he obtained waivers and discounts for properties owned by him and his family. These rumours emerged after Khaiyum sacked him for his alleged bullying of squatters who were asked to co-operate in putting a road into a new sub-division which would provide housing for them. Khaiyum is keen to present himself as the champion of the poor but more than that he’s trying to make it look as though it’s quite natural for him to be sacking Special Administrators without proper process. He knows there is simmering anger over his treatment of Special Administrator for Sigatoka and Nadi, Aisea Tuidraki and sacked CEO of the Nadi Town Council, Nemia Tagi.

Radio Fiji 16 July 2013 Sacked special administrator denies allegations

SODELPA pays but….

July 16, 2013

The Social Democratic Liberal Party, along with the National Federation Party, has paid the outrageous fee for advertising in the regime’s propaganda rag, the Fiji Sun, and so avoided de-registration, but SODELPA members who have had to pay this fee should be asking why the SODELPA had a bill of $26,000 while the NFP had a bill of only $5,700. The charges were set by the Fiji Sun, but what were the rates used for the charges. The Fiji Sun should make these public and explain to the thousands of SODELPA party members why their party has been charged this outrageous sum.

Radio Fiji 15 July 2013 Two parties pay dues to Registrar of Political Parties Office

Can we have the organ-grinder, please?

July 16, 2013

The Methodist Church is still waiting for the appointment they have requested with the self-appointed PM to seek an extension of the time for their Conference. The 330,000 members of the church have a right to expect their leaders to be given the courtesy of a meeting. But so far they have been treated to statements from Tudravu, the only man in the FPF who can speak on some matters. The 330,000 members don’t want the monkey, they want the organ grinder.

Radio Fiji 16 July 2013 Church awaits PM response

Another beating means another cover-up

July 15, 2013

Yet again, the Bainikhaiyum security forces have been caught in the act of breaking the law. They stopped a vehicle carrying people preparing for a funeral and assaulted the occupants without any lawful reason. One of the victims recognised one of the thugs as a member of the military and others witnessed the crime. The one thing we can be sure of is that these men will not be punished for their crime. The regime can’t claim these men had it coming to them, like Benedito, but the thugs will escape punishment. The regime will try to buy the victims off and get a picture of them smiling while accepting an apology. If that fails there’ll be death threats to their families.

Fiji Times July 13, 2013 Trio tell of horrifying ordeal, police, army investigate

Radio Fiji 15 July 2013 Police investigate alleged assault

Khaiyum dances on Sam’s grave

June 27, 2013


Khaiyum always has to call the shots

It’s not enough for Khaiyum to give Bainimarama the knife to plunge into Sam Saumatua’s back, he has to dance on his grave. This is his trademark – pure arrogance. Having taken over as Minister for Local Government, he calls a meeting of local government staff to remind them that he is the boss, that he calls the shots. He had to lay down the law according to Khaiyum. “The Special Administrators were reminded of the significant responsibility they carried to facilitate the Bainimarama Government’s vision for a better Fiji.” In other words: you will all do what I say – Frank does just that and so will the rest of you.

Fiji Sun June 26, 2013 AG tells councils: Honesty, transparency must be rule