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Khaiyum’s personal police investigate

September 5, 2014

Khaiyum speaks and Langman obeys

From its very beginning FICAC has been the personal police force of Khaiyum, trumping up charges against political rivals. Now it has been given the job of investigating a complaint from an 80 year old couple who complained that “a Fijian of Indian descent employee of the courier company” came to their home with voting papers and ticked the number of a candidate for the couple, even though it was not the candidate of their choice. This should be investigated by the Fiji Police Force, not by the private police force of the Secretary-General of FrankFirst. The voter was wanting to vote Fiji Labour party. Can anyone guess the name of  the candidate whose number was ticked?

Fiji Times September 04, 2014 Couple ‘forced’ to vote

Khaiyum’s private police force

August 18, 2014

Khaiyum has ordered FICAC to investigate comments made by former PM Qarase about the ballot paper.  Khaiyum claims Qarase was inciting hatred when he linked the numbering system on the new ballot papers to the Muslim’s holy book but it’s FICAC investigating, not the the police.  Is this why Khaiyum made sure his FICAC decree gave FICAC officers the power to arrest and search, including the power to arrest without a warrant? They used their search powers two weeks ago to intimidate the Citizen’s Constitutional Forum by searching their offices.  Khaiyum’s claim about the Qarase statement was made as Sec-Gen of the FF Party and then FICAC went into action like some personal police force.  What could be more corrupting than using the body which is supposed to fight corruption to attack political rivals?

Fiji Sun August 17, 2014  FICAC study comments

More scraps of clean-up finally in the rubbish pit

October 22, 2013

In 2006 allegations against Jale Baba were part of a big pile of allegations made against SDL figures by political opponents which Bainimarama seized upon to claim that he had to give us his curse of yet another coup. These allegations go all the way back to 2000 but it took almost 7 years to get the miserable scraps of evidence in front of a court where they were thrown out. Well done FICAC!! Another proof that FICAC is nothing but a political tool.

Fiji Times October 17, 2013 Court acquits Jale Baba

FICAC told to put up or shut up

August 9, 2013

Langman listens as Khaiyum gives his orders for FICAC

The judge in FICAC’s case against Keni Dakuidreketi and Kalivati Bakani has told FICAC the case has dragged on for more than three years and they’ve been given their last chance to go away and come back with the evidence they claim to have. They dropped the case against Laisenia Qarase and it seems like only a matter of time before they drop this case completely.

Fiji Times August 09, 2013 Court grants FICAC time

FICAC changes its tune again

July 19, 2013

Once again FICAC has changed the charges in one of its long-running cases. The rumours that these charges were based on circulated for years when we had a professional police force under a professional police Commissioner but no action was taken because they were all lies. It took the regime 2 years to lay charges and now 4 years later they’re changing the charges. Charges against Laisenia Qarase were dropped so it looks like charges against Dakuidreketi and Bakani are being changed to give the case another lease of life. All the did as directors of the NLTB was to approve its investment in a computer program to manage land properly, in particular, ensure lease monies were paid on time.

Fiji Times, 19 July 2013 FICAC seeks amendment to charges

Bainikhaiyum modus operandi

June 28, 2013

Charges against former National Fire Authority chief executive ]one Koroi have been dropped by FICAC. He was appointed in 2010 but dumped in 2011. After his dumping, he was replaced by Aseri Radrodro, a serial backstabber whose trail of dirty deeds started all the way back in the Sports Council, moving on to the Land Transport Authority. In both places his rumour mongering and back-stabbing created chaos (but helped the Bainimarama piglet to get her job at the Sports Council). He is a product of the Bainikhaiyum regime and its modus operandi. By dropping charges, the tangle of lies and intrigue behind the charges can all remain hidden. So much for the transparency that Bainimarama used to talk about after he seized power.

Fiji Times June 27, 2013 Former NFA CEO discharged

Regime backdown forced

June 27, 2013

At last FICAC, through its lawyer Vincent Parera, finally admitted to the High Court that FICAC has no case against former PM, Laisenia Qarase, to support their prosecution of him for using NLTB trust funds to improve the Board’s computer system. It’s obvious this prosecution was only mounted to try to knock Qarase out of the elections. Once the Appeal Court knocked back Qarase’s appeal against his conviction on the equally phony charge of buying shares in FHL the NLTB trust fund charge was no longer needed. All of these charges are an abuse of the DPP and the courts for political purposes so it’s no suprise that the court was spared the dirty job of convicting Qarase on an obviously trumped up charge.

Fiji Times June 27, 2013 Court discharges former PM

More egg on the face of FICAC

May 29, 2013

Khaiyum will be shitty

The acquittal of Peni Mau and Dhirendra Patel on charges of abuse of office and extortion show how badly corrupted the so-called anti-corruption body is. These charges were mounted to help support the other politically motivated charges against Mac Patel about the purchase of the Fiji Post clock. The Assessor’s found him innocent but the judge over-ruled the finding. Khaiyum is consumed by hatred for Patel and is determined to pursue him to the grave. He will not be happy with this outcome.

Fiji Times May 29, 2013 Free men

FICAC lawyer impressed by Qarase appeal grounds

February 27, 2013

The hired gun lawyer for FICAC who’s trying to oppose the Qarase appeal has resorted to asking why the issues regarding law were not put forward in the original trial. So it looks like he hasn’t got any answer to the points themselves. The law is the law, and it doesn’t change depending on the skill of defence lawyers or the judge in raising points of law. This will be a real test for the phony justice system. If the appeal court upholds the conviction it will be another proof that there is no justice system in Fiji.

Fij Village 27/02/2013 There were no objections in the trial-Blanchflower

FICAC exposed over TLTB scam

October 16, 2012

FICAC denied that it had been cut out of the investigation into the alleged fraud perpetrated by TLTB employees. FICAC claimed that the case was being investigated by the police because it was reported to the police first. But the TLTB has now refuted this. TLTB GM, Alipate Qetaki, referred the scam to FICAC, but FICAC said they would not begin investigations until the first quarter of next year. Qetaki said he was “baffled by the delay and apparent reluctance to take on these kinds of complaints”. It’s just as former Judge Marshall said, FICAC was a personal instrument for politically motivated investigations operating at the personal direction of Khaiyum.

Fiji Sun October 15, 2012    TLTB calls for swift scam action