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Khaiyum’s justice system at work

October 1, 2013

We all know our prisons are full, even after the new remand prisons have been opened, and the courts are busy trying to process all the criminal cases. This is part of crime that cannot be hidden. But one unlucky Rakiraki man got caught up in this and languished in remand for years. By the time the court system got around to sentencing him he had already served the sentence in full. No-one explained why, if he had no previous offences, he was not given bail. Were they waiting from orders from Khaiyum about what was to happen to him?

Fiji Times October 01, 2013 Free to go

The draft Constitution and the Khaiyum sunset clause

August 31, 2013

Niko Nawaikula, the lawyer for the high chiefs of Fiji, has attacked the draft constitution for ignoring the identity of iTaukei as a people. He said despite being cautioned at the UN Human Rights Committee last year, the government has ignored group rights in the constitution and is in breach of international conventions, which Fiji has ratified. What Nawaikula can’t say, because he’d be jailed for saying it, is that the Constitution is straight from the from the Khaiyum blueprint for bringing an end to all iTaukei institutions. His infamous “sunset clause”.

Radio New Zealand 29 August, 2013 Fiji indigenous rights breached by constitution, says high chiefs’ lawyer

VKB hypocrisy

August 31, 2013

The regime’s puppet Permanent Secretary for iTaukei Affairs, Savenaca Kaunisela, has urged all iTaukei to be registered in the Vola ni Kawa Bula. As they are preparing to impose the constitution that will rob iTaukei of past cherished rights, this is nothing but hypocrisy. What’s more, the regime is sitting on rents collected from tenants (when they manage to collect them) claiming it needs to have bank accounts for all mataqali members before it can hand over the money. In the meantime, they collect all the interest earned by the money they’re sitting on, money that belongs to landowners, not them.

Fiji Sun August 29, 2013 No VKB, no benefits says Kaunisela

Torture cops walk free

August 14, 2013

Naivalurua is up to his neck in a criminal cover-up

Two police who were charged with three counts of unlawful supply of illicit drugs after marijuana exhibits went missing from Nabua Police Station in May last year have walked free after the Magistrate said there was no evidence. One of the two, Amani Bosenawai, was one of the police identified in the notorious torture video. Yet again the smell of something not right is wafting around. Does Bosenawai’s knowledge of the names involved in the torture video and the cover-up by Naivalurua mean that his silence has to be bought?

Radio Fiji Aug 13, 2013 Former CID officers free, court dismisses case,-court-dismisses-case

Coup 4.5 March 9, 2013 Cops behind Fiji prisoner beating not so clean themselves

Is the regime still the “lesser of two evils”

August 12, 2013

Despite his past services to the regime, CCF Chief Executive Officer, Reverend Akuila Yabaki, has been hit hard by Judge Calanchini. He has been hit with a fine of $20,000 and he and CCF have been ordered to pay $5000 direct to Khaiyum’s own office. This judgement shows what a hypocrite Khaiyum is. He was elected by nobody, his decrees have not been passed by any Parliament, and all judges have been hand-picked by him and subject to sacking if they do not do what he says. The suspended prison sentence means that one more comment from Yabaki and he will go straight to prison. For years Akuila Yabaki gave the regime the benefit of the doubt, making all sorts of excuses for their oppression of others, now he’s enjoying a taste of what it feels like. FDN wonders if it still feels like the “lesser of two evils” and more like pure evil.

Fiji Village: 10/08/2013 CCF and Yabaki convicted and fined

Protected species?

August 7, 2013

A Chinese national found with $52,987.04 in foreign currency hidden in his luggage walked free from Nadi Magistrates Court after being charged for failing to declare foreign currency. According to the Fiji Sun he was acquitted after PLEADING GUILTY!! WTF? How does a guilty plea get an acquittal? We’ve all heard stories about Chinese ‘businessmen’ getting special treatment in government offices and this looks like it might be another case.

Fiji Sun August 6, 2013 Tourist free

Why do we now have 8 magistrates in Suva?

July 8, 2013

Illegal chief Justice Anthony Gates mentioned in passing a swearing in of Justices of the Peace and Commissioner of Oaths that there were only 3 Magistrates in Suva when he arrived and now there are 8. The reason for this is not hard to understand. It’s crime. We need more and more Magistrates to lock up young iTaukei men convicted of crime. When Bainimarama seized power he promised to end this problem, but it’s obvious he has not done this. In Fearless frank’s Race Free Fiji, we cannot even mention this problem, let alone try to agree policies to solve it.

Radio Fiji 7 July 2013
Major developments for Fiji’s Justice Department

Union challenges Khaiyum sackings

June 28, 2013

The General Secretary of the Public Service Association, Rajeshwar Singh, has challenged the sacking of some 200 workers in Fiji Hardwood Corporation Limited with no consultion or warning. The sackings were on the orders of Khaiyum in his capacity as Minister for state businesses. Rajeshwar Singh said FHCL was doomed when it was denied access to mahogany logs by the Mahogany Decree. It looks like the mill equipment will be sold to other millers or scrapped as the mills have no chance of continuing in operation. Rajeshwar Singh says this is in contravention of the Employment Regulation Promulgation 207 but that means nothing to Khaiyum. The chances of challenging Khaiyum’s actions in the courts he controls are nil.

Radio New Zealand 27 June, 2013 Fiji union goes to court over hardwood mill redundancies

Khaiyum dances on Sam’s grave

June 27, 2013


Khaiyum always has to call the shots

It’s not enough for Khaiyum to give Bainimarama the knife to plunge into Sam Saumatua’s back, he has to dance on his grave. This is his trademark – pure arrogance. Having taken over as Minister for Local Government, he calls a meeting of local government staff to remind them that he is the boss, that he calls the shots. He had to lay down the law according to Khaiyum. “The Special Administrators were reminded of the significant responsibility they carried to facilitate the Bainimarama Government’s vision for a better Fiji.” In other words: you will all do what I say – Frank does just that and so will the rest of you.

Fiji Sun June 26, 2013 AG tells councils: Honesty, transparency must be rule

Regime backdown forced

June 27, 2013

At last FICAC, through its lawyer Vincent Parera, finally admitted to the High Court that FICAC has no case against former PM, Laisenia Qarase, to support their prosecution of him for using NLTB trust funds to improve the Board’s computer system. It’s obvious this prosecution was only mounted to try to knock Qarase out of the elections. Once the Appeal Court knocked back Qarase’s appeal against his conviction on the equally phony charge of buying shares in FHL the NLTB trust fund charge was no longer needed. All of these charges are an abuse of the DPP and the courts for political purposes so it’s no suprise that the court was spared the dirty job of convicting Qarase on an obviously trumped up charge.

Fiji Times June 27, 2013 Court discharges former PM