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Electoral Commission moves on – Khaiyum stuck on blame

August 26, 2014

While the Electoral Commission remains focused on ensuring elections take place and doing all they can to make sure that FijiFirst plays by the rules, Khaiyum can’t help himself. He takes to Radio Regime run by his brother to lecture the Electoral Commission. If they’d sought a legal opinion from his puppet Solicitor-General, instead of independent advice, they wouldn’t have needed to take their case to his puppet judiciary.
Radio Fiji 25 August 2014 Court case could have been avoided: Elections Minister
Fiji One News 25 August 2014 Electoral Commission will ensure elections take place

Groenewald face his first big test

August 22, 2014

The death of Vilikesa Soko, who was in police custody when he was taken to hospital with internal bleeding, will be the first real test of our new Compol Groenewald.  He’s shown he can wear the uniform and say all the right things.  Now let’s see if he can enforce the law without fear or favour.  Radio Regime claims Groenewald said Soko had refused medical treatment before he died. That’s not the issue. The question is how did he get the injuries?  Will Groenewald just accept whatever BS is served up, as with the torture video?  This death happened on his watch – he has to answer.

Radio Fiji 21 August 2014 Police neither confirm nor denies alleged beating

Has Dakuidreketi a hope in hell

August 14, 2014

Keni Dakuidreketi was guilty of trying to help an NLTB joint venture succeed in upgrading the NLTB computer system so they could actually keep track of rents owed and rents paid and ensure landowners received rent on time.  There has been no evidence that he benefited personally from his actions. A range of witnesses testified how he worked hard to take himself from humble beginnings in the village and the hardships he went rhrough to succeed in life. Among the witnesses were two rugby greats, Ilaitia Tuisese and Dan Lobebendahn, but we can be sure that this will mean nothing.  Khaiyum has decreed he will go down and that’s all that matters.  This election is about nothing if it’s not about justice.


Fiji Live August 13, 2014  Character witnesses presented in the Dakuidreketi case

Another regime judge throws out the assessors finding

August 8, 2014

For the second time one of the regime’s political show trials has had the assessors reject the prosecution’s case only to have a regime appointed judge convict anyway. As in Mac Patel’s case this verdict was a foregone conclusion.  The events happened 10 years ago and it took the regime seven years to stack up the evidence which did not satisfy the assessors.  The judge said it could be “inferred” that Dakuidreketi’s actions were for personal gain but he did not point to any evidence that showed how he benefited.

Fiji Live August 06, 2014 Court overturns ruling, finds Dakuidreketi guilty

Foreign investment facts

July 9, 2014

The facts) show 2006 was our best year ever for foreign investment as % of GDP

The Fiji Sun has dared to publish a few selected facts about foreign investment. It fell from US$341 million in 2008 to US$ 164 million in 2009 and then, after some recovery, FDI in 2013 was US$272 million. What the Fiji Sun doesn’t dare say is that 2006 was the highest ever year for foreign investment in Fiji. The Qarase mutli-party government is the only truly representative government we’ve ever had and foreign investors were inspired, thinking this must mean the end of coups. How wrong they were. Since then foreign investment has not only fallen, it’s also been limited mostly to Chinese investment bent on plundering our natural resources. The Fiji Sun quotes some interesting points from a UN Report on foreign investment. It dismisses the sort of sweetheart deals offered by Bainimarama to his Chinese friends and says “What is needed is assurance of stability, enforcement of property rights and contractual obligations and quick legal remedies”.  In other words dictatorship with a stacked court system are the last thing we need.

Regime rhetoric and reality

July 8, 2014

“If anyone hits or mistreats a woman in any way, they had better watch out.”  (Except for First Family, of course)

Khaiyum has taken a lead from the start on domestic violence policy.  He was the one who insisted on a special decree and he made clear it was aimed at men. “The Decree will allow for greater protection for women and children and shall give women greater access to justice,” he said in September2009.  Getting rid of the opportunity for reconcilaiation was one of the aims of the decree. Admitting guilt and reconciling in accordance iTaukei custom had to be stamped out and replaced with punishment.  Punishment according to Khaiyum equals justice. Women needed access to justice, not reonciliation. Access to justice?  When Hosanna Kabakoro complained she wound up being charged with an offence more serious than the husband she had made the complaint about.  Bai thought the Khaiyum agenda could make him seem like a tough guy who cared.  Who can forget his proud boast: “If anyone hits or mistreats a woman in any way, they had better watch out. Because we are going to come down very hard. They are going to feel the full force of the law.”  We can now see this is just another piece of empty rhetoric.  We can be sure that Hosanna Kabakoro will be facing threats and bribes to shut up and forget the whole incident – exactly the opposite the boast made in the Khaiyum decree of justice meaning punishment of perpetrators.

Fiji Sun: Khaiyum’s Sept 2009 lecture on Domestic Violence 

Aslam flies the coop (or is that coup)

June 16, 2014

As expected, Aslam Khan, head of Vodafone has resigned and is setting sail for Geneva to join Madam Nazhat. No-one is surprised by this move, because the blogs had already reported it, but the word is that he’s done this on legal advice.  The regime has freely broken laws and accorded itself immunity from laws it breaks in the course of running a dictatorial regime, but the constitution does not give immunity to civilians like Aslam Khan as head of a private company like Vodafone.  If the military tap your phone with his help, they’re safe from prosecution but Aslam could end up cleaning out the piggery in Naboro if a new government is elected.

Fiji Live 13 June 2014 Vodafone Fiji boss resigns at month’s end

What a difference a year makes

June 16, 2014

This time last year Bainimarama was threatening to bring the army in to take over FSC mills if the  workers didn’t accept the tiny wage increase he threw at them. Now with the election approaching Bainimarama is telling the workers how wonderful they are and granting them an immediate pay increase, backdated, of course.  “In your next pay packet, every worker from FSC is going to get a pay rise of five percent, backdated to 1st January of this year”.  And it’s all because of the election.  The FSC workers need to understand that if Bainimarama wins the election they will have no protection from the Essential National industries Decree, which allows the government to cut pay, fire workers and jail any unionists who protest.  The Election is the only thing that’s keeping them safe for now, and voting Bainimarama out is the only thing that will keep them safe in the long run.

Fiji Sun 15 June 2014  FSC Employees 5 Percent Rise

MCP will not go down without a fight

June 2, 2014

Mahendra Chaudhry has vowed to challenge the ‘decree’ which blocks him from contesting the 2014 General Election. However it is the Constitution which bars him. Section 56 bans people from being candidates if “at any time during the 8 years immediately before being nominated” they have “been convicted of any offence under any law for which the maximum penalty is a term of imprisonment of 12 months or more”. This was tailor made for MCP and Laisenia Qarase. And it doesn’t matter whether whatever they did was more than 8 years ago. Their convictions are recent and thats what knocks them out. But Chaudhry is a fighter and he’ll take his fight to the campaign trail.

Fiji Times June 01, 2014 Decree challenge looms

Driti guilty of not being Aziz

November 28, 2013

The Assessors who heard the evidence against Driti found him not guilty but the judge who takes his orders from Khaiyum found him guilty of inciting mutiny. Meanwhile the loyal Khaiyum lackey, Christopher Pryde, has refused to say anything about the allegations against Aziz in the course of the trial. He could not say they were investigated. He simply said nothing. Meawhile Aziz has been whisked out of the country to avoid anyone asking him questions.

Fiji Village: 27/11/2013 DPP will not comment on allegations levelled against