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Has Dakuidreketi a hope in hell

August 14, 2014

Keni Dakuidreketi was guilty of trying to help an NLTB joint venture succeed in upgrading the NLTB computer system so they could actually keep track of rents owed and rents paid and ensure landowners received rent on time.  There has been no evidence that he benefited personally from his actions. A range of witnesses testified how he worked hard to take himself from humble beginnings in the village and the hardships he went rhrough to succeed in life. Among the witnesses were two rugby greats, Ilaitia Tuisese and Dan Lobebendahn, but we can be sure that this will mean nothing.  Khaiyum has decreed he will go down and that’s all that matters.  This election is about nothing if it’s not about justice.


Fiji Live August 13, 2014  Character witnesses presented in the Dakuidreketi case

Special treatment for regime crony

August 13, 2014

“Don’t worry, when you’re on Team Frank the law doesn’t apply to you.  When I win the election, I’ll let you altogether.”

We’re told by Radio Regime that there’s no magistrate available to hear the case of regime crony Praveen Bala charged with causing death by dangerous driving.  This is the third time since December that no magistrate has been found who can hear the case. It seems causing death by dangerous driving is not considered a serious offence any more.  The family of the 48 year old father of three, Puna Chand, who dies in the alleged dangerous driving may not share this view.  Bala was a Khaiyum appointee and was given charge of Ba as well as Lautoka thanks to the direct intervention of Khaiyum in the ministerial responsibility of Sam Saumatua. It’s no wonder Sam joined SODELPA after seeing the dirty dealing of this regime from  the inside.

Radio Fiji 12 August 2014 Bala’s case adjourned to Oct

The dreams of the nice but dim Dr Jiko

August 7, 2014

The nice but dreamy Dr Jiko should stick to pulling teeth

Sally Round had an amazing interview with FrankFirst Token Woman and Puppet Party President Jiko Luveni.  Dr Jiko shared her thoughts and they are quite something. “I wanted to build in my mind, my dream, a headquarters for women”.  That’s right she dreams of her own palace, so she approached a Chinese company for help.  They said they would happily sponsor this in return for a fat contract with padded terms and conditions.  They told her “they would give us a grant, do it free of charge if they are given a project in Fiji, a big project where they can make a profit of a few million dollars”.  Alas for Dr Jiko such fat contracts are in the hands of only two of the FF party mebers, not the token President.  But here dreams live on.  “But because we were not able to do this, in fact I was in Poland last year, coming back in my mind, I said I just may not win the election and come back but this is a dream that is still on the shelf and I would like to have it happen”.  The dreamy Dr Jiko continues with her fantasy, completely unaware that she just mentioned that the Shanghai Construction Company offered her a bribe to get a fat contract without proper process.  But thank you Dr Jiko for giving us a clue about what happened with the Chinese built Housing Authority flats in Raiwaqa.

Radio NZ Dateline Pacific 5 August 2014  Fiji minister denies government vote-buying

Frank doesn’t like elites that are not him and his family

July 29, 2014


The dictator and his idiot son enjoying the high life in a limmo courtesy of the taxpayer


In his favourite propaganda organ, the Fiji Sun, Bainimarama has launched an attack on what he called ‘the old elite’, the Great Council of Chiefs who the “old politicans” want to restore.  He didn’t mention the elite he’s forced on us – his useless First Family of hangers-on who are enjoying top jobs for which they were never qualified.  There never has been an elite like the Bainimarama First Family and we look forward to the election to see the last of them.

Fiji Sun July 25, 2014  “Ganging Up” for the Elite






Bainimarama pretends he cares about health services

July 28, 2014


After his last stuff-up speaking about health, where he claimed he insists on nothing but the best for all patients in government hospitals, Bainimarama has now admitted that things are not as they should be.  Now he says they will be better.  His excuse is that the regime “over the past six years has been playing a catch-up game”.  The dishonesty of this is shown in the counting.  In less than six months it will be eight years since he seized power and he calls that six years.  We’ll know health services are what they should be when Bainimarama starts using them himself.

Fiji Live July 27 2014  Patients need better health services, PM tells MOH


Thanks to election

July 22, 2014

Thanks to the election Bainimarama has been forced to admit that he did promise to hold elections in 2009 and then back down on that promise. The reason Bainimarama gave tells us a lot about Bainimarama.  He said he was under pressure from the Prime Ministers of Papua New Guinea and Tonga.  He did not have the courage to say to these men face to face that he planned to rule without an election for at least another 6 years. And now it’s only the forthcoming election that has made Bainimarama feel the need to answer the question publicly. He knows voters demand answers to questions like this. He should also know that answers like this show him to be a coward and a liar are letting the real man show for all to see.

Radio Fiji 21 July 2014  I was pressured to announce elections in 2009 – Bainimarama

Bainimarama senstivity points to the truth

July 22, 2014

The Fiji First Family party are all trying to say that debt was higher under the Qarase Government than under the 8 years of Bainimarama, but the facts  to refute this are not hard to see. The Qarase Government never borrowed for on-going operational expenses. Loans funds were used only to invest in capital, the same strategy that helped build FHL into a strong financial position. Qarase’s Government did get approval for a loan of US$150 million in 2005/2006, but it was Bainimarama who got his hands on the money and used it for who knows what after he seized government via the military coup of 2006 One thing is clear: the message is getting out there with voters that Bainimarama has mortaged the country for his own benefit and he knows that people know this. They know that all presents he’s showering on people now will be paid for later, and it will be the people not him who pays.

Fijilive July 22, 2014 No borrowing for operation expenses: Qarase

Does Natuva understand what bribery is?

July 21, 2014

On the campaign trail, the unelected Minister for Works told his audience that the Frank First Party could not just say yes to what voters want. To do this, he said, would be to allow the voters to ‘bribe’ the government. For months the unelected Government has been giving taxpayer funded handouts to all and sundry – brush cutters and sewing machines if they can’t think of anything else. That is bribing voters.  You can’t say voters are bribing candidates when they want to know where they plan to spend money on infrastructure. Voters have a right to know where the Government will spend their money.
Fijilive July 20, 2014   We won’t be bribed, says Natuva

Voter roll stuffing?

July 21, 2014

The Fiji Labour Party has slammed regime’s decision not to to allow public scrutiny of the National Register of Voters. This rule change was told the Parties a few weeks ago but there has been no public announcement or discussion of the rule change. The FLP is suspicious of the motives behind the change, guessing that it will be used to ‘stuff’ voter rolls and so doing away with the need to stuff ballot boxes.  Was this a decision of the Electoral Commission or the Minister for Elections?
Radio New Zealand  21 July 2014  Further changes cast doubt on Fiji elections

The land swap lie

July 17, 2014

Bainimarama told villagers in Serua that his Government has safe-guarded native land by banning its sale. Once again he referred to the Denarau and Momi land swaps, calling these land sales.  The truth is native land was swapped with Crown land, which then became native land, to enable the landowners to have a more valuable piece of land to lease. The landowners gained new native land to get a more valuable property for development. Bainimarama could undo all the swaps that have been made and restore the situation before the swap.  He has shown he can make whatever laws he likes. So why doesn’t he do this? It’s because he  would have to compensate landowners for the loss this caused them.
Radio Fiji Jul 16, 2014 2013 constitution protects iTaukei interests: PM