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No time for finger pointing on the Golan Heights

September 1, 2014

While 44 of our peacekeepers remain in captivity we should refrain from finger-pointing and concentrate our thoughts and prayers on their safe delivery from the hands of a group whose murderous record gives us every reason to fear for the safety of our boys. There will be a time to ask questions. Were the troops properly prepared for their mission?  Has the effectiveness of the RFMF as military force been weakened under the 16 year rule of Bainimarama who was more politician than military leader, pushing out a whole generation of the RFMF’s top officers? Has 7 years of being cut off from access to international standard military training from our traditional allies cut the skill base? Answers to these questions can wait but these are the questions being asked in private, even if our censored media could never let them be asked in public.

Frank’s plans for sugar -a new CSR?

August 28, 2014

Islands Business News has forecast the collapse of the sugar industry when the current EU agreement under the Lome Convention lapses.  We’ll face tariff barriers that will kill our high-priced production. The EU offered 350 million Euros in aid to lift our productivity but Bainimarama knocked this back in 2009.  He wasn’t interested in an election until he had had at least 4 years dictatorship so he could censure the media, stack the judiciary and jail political rivals.

A blogger on another site claimed that the sugar industry’s problems started in 1987 but the facts are clear. In 1986 we had 22,000 growers producing 4.1 million tonnes of cane from 70,0000 hectares.  In 1996 we were still producing 4.3 million tonnes of cane.  By 2006 after leases were not renewed and growers dropped out, production fell to 3.2 million tonnes.

It took Frank to cut acreage and yields to the point where we produce on 1.5 million tonnes of cane in 2012.  Sugar produced fell from 310,000 tonnes in 2006 to 150,000 tonnes in 2012.

So what is Frank’s plan? In January we were told of a Chinese mission visiting to discuss a possible refinery joint venture and the scope for purchasing 100,000 tonnes of sugar in the medium term.  Does this mean Frank plans to sell FSC to a Chinese company?  If he does we can be sure he’ll bankrupt cane farmers first and hand them and their land to a new CSR, the Chinese Sugar Refinery.

Frank’s plan for the sugar industry is well hidden from sight but his plan for power is easy to see in legislation like the Land Use Decree which gives him the power to hand huge tracts of land to a Chinese sugar refinery.  Cane farmers should not think the Land Use Decree was crated for their benefit. If it was, he would have used it for that purpose already, but he’s left cane farmers to the TLTB.

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Civil Servants have no power over Chinese companies

August 13, 2014

Chinese companies dredging a river to obtain gravel have been blamed for the wrecking of an entire river eco-system that villagers in Bua relied on for fish, prawns and eels.  Acting Commissioner Northern, Alipate Bolalevu, said the landowners agreed to the extraction of gravel from their river and rent is being paid, so there’s nothing he can do.  He said nothing about whether there was any environmental assessment and whether the company was sticking to conditions imposed.  We are too familiar with the way Frank gives the green light to Chinese companies and no-one can say anything.  Bolalevu has obviously been warned to shut or face the boot.

Fiji Times August 12 2014  Ecosystem destroyed


As you were: FSC does not really want cane farmers!

July 16, 2014

On Sunday Fiji Live had a story about FSC offering incentive packages for new cane farmers and they quoted Abdul Khan speaking in a “a government statement”.  But Abdul Khan has now “clarified” that there is no package of incentives. It was just more of his BS. The TLTB head Qetaki said his board knows about it. So what are we talking about?  Was Abdul Khan floating the idea of new farmers to prepare for the post election sale of FSC to a Chinese company? The only thing we can be sure of is that the Bainimarama Government has had a very strange approach to the sugar industry.  They threw away EU aid and stood by watching the industry slowly die. They talk about their land policies but it’s clear they have in mind some other plan than the obvious one of helping former cane farmers lease land to grow cane.
Fiji Time July 16, 2014 FSC clears the air

Bainimarama caved in to Chinese

September 10, 2013

Work has started again on the PRB flats. Work stopped when the Chinese builder, China Railway Number 1, said they wouldn’t complete the project unless the contract was changed to increase the price beyond what they already agree to and allow then to build to Chinese standards, not Fiji standards. With the announcement that work will resume coming just as Bainimarama is fresh back from China, we can safely conclude Bainimarama got nowhere begging the Chinese to honour their contract. It’s obvious the Chinese own him.

Fiji Villages: 10/09/2013 Works on PRB flats to resume this week

ITaukei land protest on Radio Australia

September 6, 2013

Vani Catanasiga, a spokesperson for the Bua Urban Youth Network, said her organisation is unhappy with the draft constitution because it gives priority to economic interests, rather that landowners’ ability to decide how their land should be used. The people of Bua already have experience of the Land Bank and they know the way it works to give priority to Chinese mining interests. But it’s only international media like Radio Australia who can broadcast the truth. Any local media who reported this would be punished by the heavy hand of the Bainikhaiyum regime.

Radio Australia 30 August 2013, Concern at government power over land in Fiji constitution

Next Land bank robbery in the pipeline

September 5, 2013

Director for Mineral Resources Department, Malakai Finau, has announced that the regime is targetting more sites for bauxite mining in Nasarawaqa, Wainunu, Lekutu in Bua. He says they’re waiting for a letter from the mataqali before they can put the land into the Land Bank and start handing control to a Chinese mining company. Landowners will never be told how much money the regime takes and they’ll be lucky to get the crumbs that fall from the table. And as for the environment, the Chinese company will be able to do what they like.

Fiji Times September 03, 2013 More mineral sites found

Explosive mixture

August 16, 2013

Imported plastic buildings, plus imported workers

Jack Guo Commercial manager of China Railway No.5 engineering group, the Chinese company building the new Rakiraki bridge, thinks his company has been the target of a cane fire that was deliberately lit. His company’s staff quarters are made of pre-designed plastic walls, and they’re located next to a large diesel tank threatened by fire. Diesel fuel and plastic are certainly explosive, but so is the practice of Chinese companies to import everything they can rather than using local products or labour. A lot of local businesses and workers are unhappy that they are missing out on business from these big projects which are funded by loans that our children will have to repay, but this is probably just another cane farm fire. The best way to deal with the problem of Chinese companies getting sweetheart deals is to throw Bainimarama out at the elections.

Fiji Sun August 15, 2013 Arson fears

Protected species?

August 7, 2013

A Chinese national found with $52,987.04 in foreign currency hidden in his luggage walked free from Nadi Magistrates Court after being charged for failing to declare foreign currency. According to the Fiji Sun he was acquitted after PLEADING GUILTY!! WTF? How does a guilty plea get an acquittal? We’ve all heard stories about Chinese ‘businessmen’ getting special treatment in government offices and this looks like it might be another case.

Fiji Sun August 6, 2013 Tourist free

Bainimarama’s land bribe

August 2, 2013

After years of denying landowners any right to a share of minerals found under their land, Bainimarama has announced they will now get royalties. He says it will be in his new constitution which he has so far kept to himself. If he wants us to believe him he should start by immediately paying royalties to the Bua landowners who have had to put up with dust and damage to their environment when the Chinese have carted away bauxite found on their land. All this latest bribe proves is that he knows how concerned the iTaukei community is about the undermining of their land rights by Bainimarama and Khaiyum.

Fiji Times August 02, 2013 Land deal