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Five hundred jobs to hand out

April 3, 2014

The latest purchase of votes placed by Bainimarama is with the families of 500 Territorial Force soldiers who will be given full-time employment when regulars are posted overseas. And according to the Commander, “if their performance was excellent they would be enlisted with the RFMF”.  In other words if they could prove their loyalty and deliver votes, they will be rewarded with full-time jobs. This is shameless and it’s all being paid for with taxpayers dollars. And does anyone need to say that the jobs are going to go to one ethnic group.

Fiji Sun March 30, 2014 MILITARY plan, reserve soldiers Temporary employment with RFMF

Another military man cut down to size by order of Khaiyum

January 23, 2014

Sacked Police Commissioner Naivalurua has to be looked after because he’s a military man after all, but is Ambassador at Large the best Frank can do? What is an Ambassador at Large? The regime’s propaganda machine claims “Unlike an Ambassador in Residence who is usually limited to a country or embassy, the Ambassador at Large is entrusted to operate in several neighboring countries or a region.” But what is Litia Mawi if she’s not this? Do we really need two? It’s a non-job, a calculated insult. It’s designed to show even the biggest military fish that they cannot defy Khaiyum and keep their job. They should have learned this after Sam Saumatua’s humililiation, but they never learn.
Fiji Village: 23/01/2014 Naivalurua takes up posting of Ambassador at Large for Fiji

You don’t have to be a mind reader

January 9, 2014

Bainimarama told the Christmas church service that anyone in the military who didn’t like what he was doing was free to leave. Judging from the look on all the faces this message didn’t go down very well.

Will it be a party of one?

November 28, 2013

The supreme law-giver, Aiyaz the Almighty, has ruled that individuals will be able stand in next years election. This means they will not have to go through the process of registering that he imposed on political parties. It looks like this is designed to allow Bainimarama to stand as an individual, which also means he doesn’t have to quit as Commander until 30 days before the election. It also looks like he knows that there is unhappiness in the army about jailing Driti while Aziz walks free. Without a party Bainimarama cannot hope to command the number of seats he needs to be PM, so he’ll be forced to cooperate with one of the parties or create a new party that supports him but doesn’t have him as a member. It’s looking a bit desperate.

Fiji Sun November 27, 2013 Independent candidates not like parties: AG

The Driti discontent

November 26, 2013

One of the most interesting pieces of evidence in the Driti trial is his sad complaint that “When we started off, the Prime Minister had told us – the Military Council – that we were going to move forward and that it was a clean-up campaign.” Military officers were not going to benefit. This will strike a chord of sympathy with the rank and file who had doubts but followed orders, but what will all the brother officers who are filling top jobs in the Civil Service think when they read this?

Fiji Times November 22, 2013 Driti: I stuck to that plan

The future of Race Free Fiji

November 14, 2013


The recent passing out parade of new recruits makes clear where the RFMF is going – straight down the mono-ethnic road it’s always been on. The mono-ethnic military gives Bainimarama the power to run the Government and enrich himself and his useless parasitic family, while the claim of Race-Free Fiji is his claim for legitimacy.

Fear on the Golan Heights

November 6, 2013

Land Force Commander has revealed that RFMF troops in the Golan Heights are being paid more that the usual UN rates. They were sent into a risky zone at short notice because Bainimarama felt it made him look like he had the UN stamp of approval. He didn’t care about the security of the troops or whether they had all the equipment they needed. All he cared about was trying to drum up some propaganda for his illegal regime. It’s no wonder he felt the need to pay them more than the usual UN rate. They knew he was using them for his own political purposes, so he had to buy their silence. And, naturally, he used taxpayers money to pay.

Fiji Times November 05, 2013 Golan boost

Golan Heights is the last thing on his mind

October 3, 2013

Here is our unelected leader, cheesy grin on full show, with the Secretary General of the UN, Ban Ki-Moon. No doubt the UN appreciates the way Bainimarama volunteered his men to go straight to the Golan Heights without the equipment and preparation they needed to do the job safely. The Cassava Patch coward is fearless when it comes to putting his men in danger.


Fiji Sun September 30, 2013 Top talks

Why can’t Bainimarama found his party

September 24, 2013

Bainimarama, has told Fiji media he will have a political party by April next year. April next year? He gave existing political parties just weeks to get themselves registered, jumping through all his hoops, but he can take however long he likes. He claims very good people have asked to join the party but he hasn’t given us any names. We can assume that he will be the leader, but who else will be in it and why can’t we know? Is it the Khaiyum factor? Is he afraid to reveal whether the despised Khaiyum will be part of his party? Or is that Bainimarama wants to delay his stand down from the position of Commander. Is there no-one he can trust to take command?

Radio New Zealand 23 September, 2013 Bainimarama political party to be formed by April next year

“Uncontrolled and immediate danger”

June 27, 2013

Did our self-appointed PM take note of the comments by the Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann and his deputy Michael Spindelegger explaining why they’ve withdrawn their troops from the Golan Heights? They’ve said “The uncontrolled and immediate danger to Austrian soldiers has risen to an unacceptable level.” Bainimarama needs to explain why he thinks the risk to our troops is acceptable and what he’s done to make sure they are equipped to deal with the risks they face.

Guardian 6 June 2013 Austria to withdraw Golan Heights peacekeepers over Syrian fighting