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Give thanksfor answered prayers

September 12, 2014

Bainimarama will be breathing a huge sigh of relief to be relieved of his responsibility for sending the contingent to the Golan heights without care that they were properly equipped and arrangements were in place for their peace-keeping force functioning in a conflict zone. But Frank gets no thanks for the safe delivery of the 45. The discussions this incident kicked off, all in private of course, have had Frank sweating. The rank and file soldiers and their families were outraged that they were just pawns to be sacrificed as necessary for Frank’s benefits.

Bainimarama and the Speight coup

September 8, 2014

A comment on FDN contained this article from Victor Lal. It really spills the beans.
Bainimarama and others had planned the coup to take place on 29 May 2000 but CRW carried it out on 19 May; Bainimarama was in the loop

CAPTAIN Shane Stevens account of reasons behind the mutiny and his views on Bainimaramas conduct in 2000:

When GS (George Speight) and the CRW (Counter Revolutionary Warfare) conducted the coup on 19th May, 2000, the CRW unit was led by Lt Penaia Baleinamau who after a few days and under the direct orders of Cmdr. Voreqe Bainimarama, supplied logistical support for all CRW security operations inside the parliament complex, including those around the detained MPs. For example, daily reports were relayed to CL JB in operations; all hot rations were delivered directly from QEB at meal times into parliament for the CRW and the other FMF soldiers there. Extra arms and ordinances were transported in under Police escort from QEB. All soldiers were transported in on shift rotation and all pays carried on unhindered. Insofar as everyone was concerned, Cmdr. VB and his command were always in daily contact with GS and aware of the situation in the parliament complex. At times, GS was transported to brief Cmdr. VB and officers up at QEB officers mess on the progress and direction of the coup and VB even directed officers to support the coup.

This continued until the events of 29th May, 2000 when without the knowledge of GS, the President, Ratu Mara was forcefully removed by a group of senior ex and serving military personnel, including Cmdr. Bainimarama at Dakuibeqa. Cmdr. Bainimarama then proceeded to abrogate the constitution, pronounce himself head of state and duly appointed Ratu Epeli Nailatikau as his PM. That evening a military delegation of acting CMD CL Tuatoka, Lt Cl Etueni Caucau and led by Cl Filipo Tarakinikini entered the parliament complex to present to GS and his group a kamunaga from Cmdr. VB. They conveyed what he had done at Dakuibeqa and specifically that he was in agreement with the coup objectives of GS and later in the speech requested that GS hand over control of the coup to him (VB). He gave his assurances to GS that the objectives of the coup would be fulfilled and the I taukei will be happy.

GS and his group were shocked at the treachery which took place at Dakuibeqa and immediately rejected the kamunaga with the demand that Cmdr. VB and his PM resign immediately and hand power back to the President RT Mara. The delegation returned to camp to convey the message to VB and his “Think Tank” who were not at all happy.

Voreqe refused to step down and consequently it took 56 days for the GS group to force him to relinquish executive power and agree to the terms of the Muanikau Accord. What followed next was another act of treachery by VB and the rest is now history.

During the 56 day conflict between the GS group and VB, the CRW in parliament were led by Maj Ilisoni Ligairi and supported by Lt Baleinamau based up at the CRW complex in QEB. Lt SS sided with VB against the CRW “GS group” and he was not pleased with Baleinamau’s continued support for the operations in parliament. Upon Lt SS’s insistence, Cmdr VB duly promoted him to Cpt and gave him total command of the CRW complex at QEB. LT Baleinamau was stood down, sent home and placed under surveillance. Then on behalf of Cmdr VB, CPT SS proceeded to capture a cache of CRW arms stored at a secret location at Bilo. This caused a fracture in relationships between the CRW and CPT SS who was now being threatened from within.

Towards the end of the 56 days, Lt SS was directly in control of two caches of CRW arms (those in the CRW complex at QEB and the other in the bush at Bilo). However, the third cache of arms was used in parliament under the control of Maj Ligairi. After the signing of the Muanikau Accord and the release of the detained MP’s, Lt CL FT and CPT SS were also given specific orders by Cmdr VB to enter parliament and oversee the return of these arms to the CRW armoury at QEB as per MAccord. Immediately after that, everyone in parliament then dispersed and returned to their homes however a large group was convinced by the QV Takiveikata, to go to Kalabu and await the “qusi ni loaloa” ceremony. QV kept stalling this event to the suspicion of GS and others at the school.

It would become known at this time that when the arms from parliament had entered the gates at QEB, CL JB intercepted them by force and ordered that they be redirected to the main armoury. Later that day, when the CRW soldiers who were at parliament tried to return to the CRW complex to resume their duties as per MA, they were refused entry into the camp. After numerous attempts by Maj Ligairi and GS to speak to Lt JB and Cmdr VB over the phone, there was no response.

After observing that Cmdr VB was directly violating the MA, CPT SS, who was still in possession of the last cache of arms at a secret location in Bilo, refused to return these arms until he had personal guarantees from Cmdr VB that he would honour the conditions of the MA, where specifically all CRW would return to barracks and resume their duties as per normal. After receiving these assurances from Cmdr VB, CPT SS returned the remaining Bilo arms to QEB which was again forcefully commandeered by CL JB to the main armoury. All these sinister acts were viewed with unease by the GS group and MAJ Ligairi with those CRW at Kalabu and served to be an ominous sign of treachery against the MA.

The following day, 13 July, 2000 and after accounting for all of the arms from Bilo, the military proceeded with the arrest of the GS group including the armed raid on the Kalabu district school where Maj Ligairi and other CRW soldiers were arrested, badly assaulted and detained at Nukulau, QEB and the Nabua /CPS police stations. CPT SS viewed this act by Cmdr VB as the ultimate treachery against him but was still in two minds after it was announced that GS group had violated the MA with the revelation of missing arms. However, Maj Ligairi and his group disputed this because they were adamant that with the help and verification of CPT SS and Lt CL FT, all arms from parliament were returned and others (personal arms) were accounted for. The CRW parliament group had kept an immaculate and highly accurate record of all arms used within the complex during the 56 days including their return to QEB.

To validate the “missing arms” claims of Cmdr VB, CPT SS set about with the collaboration of Sgt Morris, the chief armourer at the time to inspect and record the details of all the ‘CRW parliament arms” in the main armoury. He discovered that the chief armourer was well aware that the “missing arms” claims were lies and that all arms were indeed returned and even accounted for. He would later learn from casual remarks by Cmdr VB and senior officers like CL JB that it was a fabricated story for the purpose of dishonouring the Muanikau Accord and they had already set in place a plan to arrest GS and all those in his group once all the arms were returned and accounted for. This was the final act of treachery and was the catalyst for the Nov 1 mutiny.

I have in my possession, the signed and original Chief Armourers report on the audit of all weapons that were returned from the parliament complex at the time. The report concludes that all weapons had been returned and others accounted for and that the so called, “13 missing weapons” were old SLR’s that were never in parliament at any time but kept in the main armoury.

CAPT SS’s account as to the real reason of the mutiny was not to kill Bainimarama but to replace him as he was seen as unfit for duty. At no time during the court martial was CAPT SS allowed to divulge the above information because of how the evidence was presented before the court.

The above statement is a true account by CPT SS and it highlights the fact that Cmdr VB has a history of carrying out treacherous acts so that he can progress his own personal interests and agenda for power. He has no qualms about deceiving people and even those who assume that they are close to him because of their long standing social and working relationships.

The contrast

September 5, 2014

DYNASTY      RoKepa

The contrast could not be clearer

While Ro Teimumu’s thoughts were all for the families of the 45, our self-appointed PM descended to the gutter to attack SODELPA. He accused SODELPA of targeting the Constitution to remove the immunity section at a time when the RFMF and the nation was facing a crisis in the Golan Heights. He was, in effect, trying to make political hostages of the 45 for his own selfish purposes. The contrast could not be greater between someone called to the highest values of leadership and a cheap thug out to hang on to power he obtained illegally.  The chief beneficiary of immunity is him.  His crimes dwarf all others but he corrals the rest of the RFMF to join him as if they are all equally guilty.


Prayers for our sons

September 5, 2014

The Fiji Times has reported a message of hope and concern from Na Marama Na Roko Tui Dreketi calling upon the nation to continue to pray for the Golan heights 45.  The Fiji Times also reported a message from Sarju Prasad, National President of  Shree Sanatan Dharm Pratindi Sabha, expressing support for the soldiers and praying for their safety and security and quick release.  All of us join them and our brothers and sisters of all races and religions in focusing our thoughts and prayers on the 45 and their families.

Fiji Times 04 September, 2014 Ro Teimumu: Keep praying for our sons.

Fiji Times  04 September 2014 Sabha prays for Fijians

The big lie

September 1, 2014


The biggest liar of them all

It was Hitler who first followed the philosophy of the Big Lie – believing that in politics only a Big Lie will work. Bainimarama has now found his really big lie, claiming that Laisenia Qarase had prior knowledge of the Speight coup. He knows the truth, that he, Bainimarama, was warned about the Speight coup but he left the country to attend a waste-time conference in Norway.  When he returned he let the turmoil run, thinking he could use it to his advantage.  He even tried to have himself appointed as Interim PM. He remains close to Inoke Kubuabola and Jim Ah Koy despite the knowledge that they were part of the shadowy group in the background before Speight. Bainimarama even tried to appoint the alleged real leader of the Speight coup, former Police Commissioner, Isikia Savua, to one of his Charter Committees before he realised this would expose his close links to Savua. Bainimarama hopes that voters who are ignorant of the facts will believe this whopping lie.

No time for finger pointing on the Golan Heights

September 1, 2014

While 44 of our peacekeepers remain in captivity we should refrain from finger-pointing and concentrate our thoughts and prayers on their safe delivery from the hands of a group whose murderous record gives us every reason to fear for the safety of our boys. There will be a time to ask questions. Were the troops properly prepared for their mission?  Has the effectiveness of the RFMF as military force been weakened under the 16 year rule of Bainimarama who was more politician than military leader, pushing out a whole generation of the RFMF’s top officers? Has 7 years of being cut off from access to international standard military training from our traditional allies cut the skill base? Answers to these questions can wait but these are the questions being asked in private, even if our censored media could never let them be asked in public.

The difference (Between Voreqe Bainimarama’s words and deeds)

August 14, 2014


Where is the equality of citizenry in this line-up?

The Fiji Sun is going all-out to attack SODELPA leader Ro Teimumu.  They’re boasting of Bainimarama’s commitment to “equal citizenry” under the name “Fijian” and ignoring the fact that after 7 years of total control of everything the RFMF is as mono-ethnic as ever. Ro Teimumu has been honest enough to admit that the iTaukei community places importance on their unique identity and their rights as landowners.  (What does iTaukei mean if doesn’t mean landowner?) What matters is that SODELPA has made clear their commitment to working cooperatively and constructively with parties representing other voters with different views of the name for our citizens.

Fiji Sun August 13 2014  The Difference (Between Vorreqe Bainimarama and Ro Teimumu)

So what about the RFMF?

August 7, 2014

Khaiyum was waxing lyrical about cultural mixing  in the west on Tuesday. “In Ba and many other areas of the west the cross-cultural mix particularly between iTaukei and Indon-Fijians has had a profound impact on racial and religious tolerance”. This is true but it’s no credit to him or Bainimarama.  This is the work of communities, not unelected thugs and bullies.  It takes leaders and public servants like the late Kishore Govind, Mayor, MP and Judge, for example.  What Khaiyum should explain is why the RFMF is still an iTaukei preserve with token Indo-Fijians and what he intends to do about it.  There are plenty of Indo-Fijians who would love to serve their country in the military but the stifling momo-cultural atmosphere makes this practically impossible.


Fiji Sun August 5, 2014  Why Ba, West tick

Seruiratu admits some embarrassing facts

August 1, 2014


Out of luck – one military man too many, so no invite for you

Frank loves to keep people waiting.  Just over three weeks ago FDN reported that Inia Seruiratu was being kept waiting for his invite to join the FrankFirst candidates list.  Last Friday Frank announced his first batch of candidates.  No Seruiratu! Then we learned that Tikoduadua and two military buddies now serving as Commissioners were resigning after their invites arrived. Now Seruiratu has wasted no time in throwing down the gauntlet.  He’s made some blunt statements that put his head on the chopping block. He’s revealed that 4000 farmers whose land leases have been renewed are still sitting on idle land.  He also revealed that agriculture’s contribution to national income has dropped from 20% to 9% under Bainimarama. That’s a drop of more than half.  He’s also said bluntly that not enough is being done and what’s more he’s said this as the interim Minister under Bainimarama.  Will he be sacked?  Or will he get his endorsement as a FrankFirst candidate to shut him up.  Unlike any other party, this will not be a decision made by any kind of democratic process within the party.  It will be the dictator’s call.  Frank has probably been told that Seruiratu would be one military candidate too many but Frank hasn’t told him.  Seruiratu should resign and seek nomination from a party that will consider him as a candidate via a proper process.

Fiji Times Jul 31, 2014  4000 farmers ‘idle’

Fiji Times Jul, 31 2014 Agriculture contribution drops

Seruiratu still waiting for his invite July 7, 2014


Seruiratu still waiting for his invite

July 7, 2014

Lt-Col Seruiratu, one of the many military men in the interim Government, has admitted that he’s still waiting for his invitation to stand as a candidate for Fiji First. Bainimarama is still searching for high quality Indo-Fijian candidates.  Military men have to wait while the window dressing to be finished before they step forward to claim a place.  Frank hasn’t forgotten that his star Indo-Fijian Party Vice President, a worn-out FLP re-tread (who was talking about ‘old politicians’?) turned out to be a fraudster with convictions for false declarations.  What does it tell us about the FF party that Seruiratu can’t even say he’ll be a candidate until he gets his invitation from the dictator?
Fijilive July 06, 2014   Seruiratu undecided on election