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Has Saneem apologised

September 3, 2014

SODELPA FB has posted that Saneem has not yet apologised to FLP cadidate Steven Singh for rejecting his nomination even though the mistake was picked up by the Electoral Commission.  Saneem may blame the Electoral Commission for taking too long but he had a duty to get his decision right in the first place. Steven Singh had no conviction and Saneem should have checked that.  He should apologise to Steven Singh for his own mistake, not point the finger at the Electoral Commission.

Who is the mysterious businessman?

September 2, 2014

Just as the names of business donors to political parties were about to be revealed we read that a businessman arrested on serious drug charges has managed to have his name suppressed by Magistrate Mohammed Azhar.  Fiji leaks blog reported on Friday that the businessman was Anwar Khan, a very close friend of Khaiyum!

Electoral Commission moves on – Khaiyum stuck on blame

August 26, 2014

While the Electoral Commission remains focused on ensuring elections take place and doing all they can to make sure that FijiFirst plays by the rules, Khaiyum can’t help himself. He takes to Radio Regime run by his brother to lecture the Electoral Commission. If they’d sought a legal opinion from his puppet Solicitor-General, instead of independent advice, they wouldn’t have needed to take their case to his puppet judiciary.
Radio Fiji 25 August 2014 Court case could have been avoided: Elections Minister
Fiji One News 25 August 2014 Electoral Commission will ensure elections take place

Rejection of Jale will rebound

August 21, 2014

Khaiyum thinks he’s been clever to reject the nomination of Anare Jale.  He figures blocking a high class candidate like Jale will damage SODELPA.  He doesn’t realise that Jale is very well known and respected, not only in Lau but in Suva and around Fiji.  Rejecting Anare Jale shows Bai and Khai to be a couple of cheats who have no respect for the rules.  Bai and Khai have to go or we will all be at their mercy.

Fiji Live August 19, 2014  Jale to appeal against rejection

Frank desperate for Indo-Fijian candidates

August 19, 2014

It seems Frank’s First Family First Party has been so desperate to find Indo-Fijian candidates they’ve nominated Praveen Bala, Khaiyum’s town boss for Lautoka and Ba who is still facing charges of causing death by dangerous driving.  And after FDN protested that Bala has received a third adjournment in his charges because he was a regime crony a report has surfaced on Fiji Leaks that the regime is anxious to process Bala through a tame magistrate to get him off the hook.

Fiji Leaks

How many turned up for the FFF?

August 18, 2014

Fiji Sun showed only a handful of people who turned up at Subrail Park for the Frank First Funday and it seems Frank himself didn’t show, sending instead the unpopular Khaiyum


Fiji Times showed a few more people but hardly a huge crowd for what looks like a carnival rather than a show of political support.  So how many did turn up?  His supporters look like they were paid to be there and their comments sound like Propaganda lines.  Not very encouraging when everyone knows Tui Cakau’s tour of Cakaudrove, Macuata and Bua has gone very well.

Khaiyum’s private police force

August 18, 2014

Khaiyum has ordered FICAC to investigate comments made by former PM Qarase about the ballot paper.  Khaiyum claims Qarase was inciting hatred when he linked the numbering system on the new ballot papers to the Muslim’s holy book but it’s FICAC investigating, not the the police.  Is this why Khaiyum made sure his FICAC decree gave FICAC officers the power to arrest and search, including the power to arrest without a warrant? They used their search powers two weeks ago to intimidate the Citizen’s Constitutional Forum by searching their offices.  Khaiyum’s claim about the Qarase statement was made as Sec-Gen of the FF Party and then FICAC went into action like some personal police force.  What could be more corrupting than using the body which is supposed to fight corruption to attack political rivals?

Fiji Sun August 17, 2014  FICAC study comments

Has Dakuidreketi a hope in hell

August 14, 2014

Keni Dakuidreketi was guilty of trying to help an NLTB joint venture succeed in upgrading the NLTB computer system so they could actually keep track of rents owed and rents paid and ensure landowners received rent on time.  There has been no evidence that he benefited personally from his actions. A range of witnesses testified how he worked hard to take himself from humble beginnings in the village and the hardships he went rhrough to succeed in life. Among the witnesses were two rugby greats, Ilaitia Tuisese and Dan Lobebendahn, but we can be sure that this will mean nothing.  Khaiyum has decreed he will go down and that’s all that matters.  This election is about nothing if it’s not about justice.


Fiji Live August 13, 2014  Character witnesses presented in the Dakuidreketi case

The man to ask about your water bill

August 8, 2014


Water Authority of Fiji has outraged many with its refusal to be accountable and it’s still doing it.  Bainimarama promised people would not have to pay unfair water bills but once the propaganda had been spread far and wide nothing changed.  One household of three people, two adults and a child, are being chased for a bill of $98 for a single month. The man who should now be chased to justify this is Khaiyum who sits over WAF as Minister for Public Enterprises, running everything.  With the election on now he has nowhere to hide.  He has questions to answer.

Fiji Times August 06, 2014  WAF refutes bill claims

The inner workings of FrankFirst

August 7, 2014

The two man band that is FijiFirst has no transparent processes for selecting candidates.  It seems all have to wait for an invitation from the main “founder member”, Bainimarama’ who has to get the OK from the second “Founder Member”, Khaiyum.  Labasa businessman, Charan Jeath Singh, has withdrawn his application to be considered as a candidate from the FijiFirst party, so does it mean he didn’t get his invitation or he didn’t want to submit himself to the indignity of the process?  What a joke FijiFirst party is.  It’s not a party at all.  Party members are no more than stooges doing the work of the dictator duo.

Radio Fiji 5 August 2014  Singh withdraws his application with FijiFirst