Tourism – what could have been

The Government is boasting about the growth in tourist arrivals but simple arithmetic tells us it could have been better. Visitor arrivals grew from 348,014 in 2001 to 548,589 in 2006, before the threats of a coup started to choke growth. That’s a 57% increase over 5 years. In the 8 years since the coup, visitor arrivals have increased by less than 30%. Who knows how big the tourism industry would have been if we had not had a coup? We might have passed the million mark.

Fijilive December 17, 2014 Tourist arrivals to surpass 700k mark

5 Responses to “Tourism – what could have been”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I was checking the tourism figures for Hawaii because of its similarities to Fiji in terms of weather, population, its natural habit etc. What I found totally surprised me. Hawaii, which thrives on tourism receives over 700,000 tourists a month. Yes, over 700,000 a month. And we here in Fiji, which I believe has much more to offer than Hawaii which only has less than ten islands, are still struggling to reach that elusive 1 million mark a year. I suggest our tourism people visit Hawaii and learn their secret of achieving those very impressive numbers.

  2. Lialia Says:

    Yep that’s why today Hawaii is an artificial society,,,,,due to uncontrolled tourism and cultural genocide…..

  3. Tintin Says:

    Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and Samoa are getting the benefits of the tourist arrival numbers that Fiji lost during the past 8 years. Australia and New Zealand tourists are flocking to their tourist spots and their rural folks are reaping the benefits of what Fiji used to enjoy.
    It’s a pity that the stupid soldiers who backed Bai for his coup could not think far enough to realize that it would come to this. Their poor relatives who used to enjoy the benefits of our once thriving tourism industry are now mostly living below poverty lines.
    And the main reason for the MSG group leaders strongly backing Bai’s coup…….!!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Even as you imply that Hawaii is an artificial society, it is still way better economically than Fiji. I bet, that given a choice, you would prefer to move to Hawaii than live in Fiji. And the same goes with a lot of Fijian people. Hawaii may have lost its cultural identity because it comes under the US government. Fiji is already an independent country, we can maintain that but still learn from Hawaii’s success.

  5. saunivalu Says:

    Fiji has a lot to offer re Tourism. The 200 dollars travellers tax imposed on each tourist by this government is a killer of the industry. Tourist number would increase dramatically if this dumb tax is removed giving travellers a fair chance. Fiji is known for its services on assisting the thousands of families that strode our shores for years after years. I know for one through my own experiences that big families can no longer travel to Fiji due to heavy travellers tax imposed on Airfares a little while ago on tourists. For example, a family of five would have to pay $1200 for tax before any accommodation is sought and on top that would have to pay the 20percent tax in Fiji during their stay, plus tax on any purchases etc etc Fiji is missing out on tourist dollars of big families. Anyone with half a brain would figure out that the country would benefit more from the spending dollars of each of the five would be guests rather than the $1200 imposed on Airfares. In the meantime its getting nothing, neither the $1200 its hoping to get or the average spending of $200 per day per guest. I would prefer to take my chances on the $200 plus a day of each tourist spending money.

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