Getting along with the neighbours

Ministry of Employment, Productivity and Industrial relations permanent secretary Taito Waqa is pleased with the resumption of opportunities for Fijians to work in NZ’s seasonal employer work scheme. Taito should talk to his boss and let him know that New Zealand is a neighbour, not just another aid donor. Australia too has a seasonal work scheme that we can now look forward to joining. Frank needs to get it through his thick skull that Australia and New Zealand are neighbours, that’s why they are part of the PIF, and have been from the start.

Fiji Times December 20, 2014 Boost for Fiji



2 Responses to “Getting along with the neighbours”

  1. Keep The Faith Says:

    Taito Waqa turns cartwheels like the good little fool that he is in the hope that he can keep his post as Permanent Secretary and enabler of the steady but consistent State grab of superannuation funds at FNPF.

    May the odds be in your favour Taito Waqa. Perhaps try adding in a few ‘splits’ to attract positive attention and thus a job.

  2. aveuta Says:

    Our other island neighbors had benefited from the seasonal work programs for the past years and only Fiji was losing out because Bai cheered on by Khaiyum, chose to threaten and chase away the Aussie and NZ Ambassadors. The type of work involved which does not require any special skills or qualifications is just ideal for our large number of unemployed people particularly those from the rural community. It seems Bai just does not have any ideas of the enormous damage and losses he has brought on his own people.

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