Khaiyum Konsultation

Khaiyum has defended his ambush of foreign investors in the property market by claiming he DID consult. He said his consultation was the post-budget forum organised by the Fiji Chamber of Commerce at the Grand Pacific Hotel. He just doesn’t get that consulting means talking to people to find out how it affects them BEFORE springing the new law on them. For some strange reason it was lefty to Government Member of Parliament Ashneel Sudhakar to explain that the main focus of the Land Sales (Amendment) Bill No. 28 of 2014 did not apply to land outside town and municipal boundaries. So what about the people in Savusavu? And does that do anything to reduce the damage already done to investor confidence?

Fiji Times December 12, 2014 Debate on Bill No. 28 Fiji Times December 13, 2014 A-G clears the air

4 Responses to “Khaiyum Konsultation”

  1. Keep The Faith Says:

    Whatever face-saving rhetoric they parroted, the mere fact that 15 Bills related to the wonky budget were fast-tracked contrary to parliamentary convention spoke volumes.

    Shame on the Speaker for letting it happen. She has brought the House into disrepute only months into the job!

    Its also bloody annoying to hear her continuous sympathy seeking comments like “we’re all learning”. Well OK no one denies it but there is a clear distinction between an honest mistake and pushing an agenda. It has become almost routine now for the Speaker on contentious issues.

    Someone please lead her back to sewing machine handouts before she injures herself from thinking too hard.

  2. tualeita Says:

    This is a no fairness, no transparency, no trust Government side as had been the norm in the illegal regime prior to the elections. One would think that Madam Speaker would at least be independent and fair even though she was voted in by FFP supporters in such cases where the people would, at least, and at length, listen to some opinions and arguments for and against the bills.

    Madam Speaker and the rest of the Government side in Parliament are of the thinking that the people are stupid. They should not think so if they want the voters in the next elections to trust them.

  3. Ting a ling Says:

    Can someone now explain what the 15 bills are all about and is it normal to have such number of bills passed by a parliament in say 2-3 hours?
    At this rate we will probably set a record in passing close to 500 bills in less than 6 months.

  4. Tin Tin Says:

    Madame Speaker has now really revealed what she is there for all along……Just for the money and the perks…… Throw all principles and her conscience out of the window !!!!!Saying that she is still learning my foot!!!Why did she take the job??? Fast tracking the 15 bills just to cover the flaws in the 2015 Budget is a historical shame. Filimone Waqabaca has given them an appropriate warning.”This government will live to regret the episode.

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