Landowners can give thanks that Mere is there

Lands Minister Mere Vuniwaqa has confirmed that Chinese bauxite miner, Aurum Exploration Fiji Limited, is under an obligation to carry out rehabilitation works in accordance with an Environmental Impact Assessment report. Landowners at the Nawailevu Bauxite Mining site in Vanua Levu can take comfort that we have a Lands Minister who does not mince words and who has shown she listens to the concerns of people affected by Government decisions. Her predecessor was asleep on the job, too busy NOT doing his job as Sugar minister and Finance Minister, not to mention Minister for iTaukei Affairs or Commander of the RFMF!

Radio Fiji 8 December 2014 Minister clarifies bauxite mining site rehab works

2 Responses to “Landowners can give thanks that Mere is there”

  1. Keep The Faith Says:

    Clarification and Evidence are two different things. She is assuring the people from what has been agreed to on paper. Once the impact of it all starts to come to the fore, there will be a complete change in tone and approach (read: find the perp but twasn’t me).

  2. aveuta Says:

    As a member of a landowning unit I do not feel it correct to thank Mere or anyone in this cursed government for anything at all. There are no longer any representatives of landowners on the TLTB Board, the body empowered by law to be trustee for landowners. They used to be selected from the GCC. Now we have only chiefs who suck up to Bai like Mataitini of Rewa and a few other”veranadah” pretending chiefs, sitting there on the Board claiming to represent the landowners…..

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