Former Australian High Commissioner to Fiji, James Bately, who was expelled by the Fiji regime in 2009 was treated to a terrible shock when he arrived in Nadi last Sunday. He was told he was still on the banned list, despite the resumption of normal ties. He was told by Immigration boss, Major Vuniwaqa, he could stay for 48 hours, “during which we would seek a review of his persona non-grata status of 2009”. He must have despaired of receiving fair treatment and left for home on the next available flight. I mean, people, do we want a tourist industry or not? Let’s hope this doesn’t get a lot of play in the Australian media.
Island Business 9 December 2014: Expelled Australian diplomat given 48 hours to leave Fiji

4 Responses to “Unbelievable!!”

  1. saunivalu17 Says:

    Whats the BLOODY MILITARY PERSONNEL doing in the government post???? Get rid of the bastard

  2. Naresh G Says:

    Unbelievable…the poor guy was the Australian representative Australia…when intergovernmental relations got normalised between Fiji and Ausie which had been done, it is only logical that the representative of Australia’s status in Fiji naturally was normalised unless he committed crime against Fiji laws. Fiji leaders are simply uncouth, crazy and cannot Govern this country on our behalf. Look at the PM following the seven rugby games to many venues around the world…this is not the type of PM we respect, spending our money as if it his personal property……well you voted for this crazy dictator and you get a lemon

  3. avenisa Says:

    in the IB article, Nem again does the bullshit for the regime. Vinaka OB na lasu, sa da mai lasutaki.

  4. Tintin Says:

    Nemani Vuniwaqa one of the beneficiaries of the
    “jobs for the boys” for which his idiot boss had so clearly informed the nation on national TV in 2006 that no one from the military would benefit. Now driving government vehicle and doing late night and weekend shopping with his wife and children in blatant disregard of the much highlighted rules for using government vehicles by civil servants.Just what are you and Mere telling your children? Do they know that you are able to be where you are only by conducting a coup based on lies? Your children and grandchildren will learn that through the history of this nation.

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