Good news for cane farmers

EU Ambassador Andrew Jacobs has confirmed the European Union will focus their development fund in Fiji on sustainable rural livelihoods particularity in the sugar industry. Cane farmers are all hoping that it’s not too late. We know the price for sugar is going to fall. Let’s hope we can work together to achieve the efficiency needed to cope with the lower price.

Fijilive December 07, 2014: EU funds will assist sugar industry: Jacobs

6 Responses to “Good news for cane farmers”

  1. Mukesh Says:

    More abuses coming, and good news to Seru Vularika. His job more secured than ever. Also more abuses

  2. The Sugarman Says:

    Yes Mukesh. Seru Vularika will not retire. He is a former classmate of Baini. No wonder sugar production is so low when people like him hold top positions in FSC. The sugar industry is doomed!!

  3. KS Says:

    I already informed my brother-in-law to buy some heavy equipment for road construction and drainage work – equipment that he can rent out, because there would be a money coming in for this kind of work in the area.

    Yes, we will be all set for the extra cash……as for the farmers….they just stupid.

  4. Koro Boy Says:

    KS – only if you are muslim, than go ahead in buying spree. Or you need to go and see Feroz Khan in Rakiraki (the haulage contractor of FSC Penang), he knows the formula how to bribe and get contract. Now his son is in Parliament

  5. Tintin Says:

    When dumb Bai’s relatives and families now got top jobs with high salaries, he cannot do or say anything when Khaiyum awards government contracts without any transparent process to Muslim companies and families like Auntie Nur Banno.
    May they and their relatives rot in Hell…!!!!!

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