Time for Frank to bake a Humble Pie for Khaiyum to eat

The childish dispute that led us to be cut off from the live coverage of the Dubai Sevens has given the World Rugby Body a taste of the Khaiyum touch. In his role as Acting PM Khaiyum wrote to World Rugby accusing them of “erroneous facts and assumptions” but refused to answer their request to say what errors they’d made. We are all familiar with this style of talking from on high, but World Rugby must find it a new experience. The FRU had to buckle and install officials that Frank approved, but he and Khaiyum may find World Rugby is not so easily bullied. World Rugby rules for broadcasting are accepted by all the other rugby nations. If we have to wait for World Rugby to cave in before we see another Sevens Tournament we might be waiting for a long time. Frank needs to bake a nice big humble pie for Khaiyum to eat so we can again be admitted to World Rugby broadcasts.

Fiji Times December 06, 2014 Engage with us, Fiji Told

3 Responses to “Time for Frank to bake a Humble Pie for Khaiyum to eat”

  1. Navosavakadua Says:

    The issue at stake here is the acquisition of property without just compensation. World Rugby has to cover costs and expects to charge broadcasters who want to broadcast their product. Forcing World Rugby to allow others to watch it free is taking their property without compensation.

  2. avatar Says:

    Khaiyum’s excuse that the intention is to reach the broadest TV viewing capability to benefit all Fijians is just another big lie.
    Why not do the same for the print media where all Government ads are limited to the Fiji Sun only?. Surely the Fiji Times has a far wider circulation, but why is it excluded from government advertising?

  3. avenisa Says:

    Frank and Aiyaz should just continue sucking each other’s c..k off like they have been doing in the last 8 years i.e. figuratively and literally speaking.

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