Land Bank allows withdrawals!

Mere Vuniwaqa has made clear that landowners can retrieve their land from the Land Bank if they like. She said if landowners discover they have a need to use the land themselves they can withdraw their land or part of it from the Land Bank. She said, under regulation 6 of the Land Lease Regulation, the trustee of the landowning unit has to make a request formally in writing. It’s good to see that the new Minister is answering questions on the Land Bank.

Fiji Times December 07, 2014: Minister assures landowners can retrieve land from the Land Bank

One Response to “Land Bank allows withdrawals!”

  1. Navosavakadua Says:

    The question that the Minister needs to answer is: can this Regulation be changed, and if so, what does it take?
    The fact is all of the rules governing the Land Bank are set out in Regulations which can be changed without needing to be approved by parliament. And the rent they receive can also be changed. All power is in the hands of the Prime Minister.
    The Minister is a lawyer. She understands how Regulations work. Parliament has given the PM the power to write new laws without reference to Parliament.

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