The Khaiyum Kredibility problem

Khaiyum has been expounding all his thoughts on the sell-off of state-owned companies. Thanks to the new Parliament he has to actually explain himself to MPs and answer questions, rather than giving lectures and having them printed in the Fiji Sun.
From what he says it seems he has the idea that there are investors out there in the world somewhere who’ll rush to buy minority shares in State Enterprises just to put a bit of money in state coffers for him to hand out. He won’t be selling off the whole business, just minority shares. How does he convince them this is a good idea? Does he point to Air Pacific, which had a large minority holding by Qantas? Does he remind potential investors how he told Qantas the majority shareholders would do what they liked with Air Pacific and Qantas would get no say? Or does he point to Fiji Sugar Corporation which was on the SPSE until it was delisted when found to be trading insolvent? All the investors, mostly local, all got badly burned and had no say in the way the FSC was run.

Fijilive December 01, 2014 Sale of assets to boost growth, efficiency.

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