Frank discovers technology

Like an 8 year old with a new toy, Bainimarama is enthusiastic over technology which he thinks can help the cane industry. He’s asked Santa to bring him a digital mapping system to track what’s happening on all of our 13,000 sugar cane farms. He says it can make it possible for him to establish precisely where they are, what they produce and how we can improve their output.”Using GPS satellite technology, we’re able to capture the lease boundaries of each cane farm and record the identity and contract details of the farmer, which sugar mill his cane is destined for, the precise area under cultivation, the cane variety and its age, areas that are fallow and could be exploited and areas under non-cane agriculture.”Why doesn’t he give this system to the TLTB? He scrapped their computer based lease management system so he could go after political enemies, and now the arrears in rent collection have grown, along with leases not being used in conformity with lease purpose.
Incidentally, Bainimarama talks about 13,000 cane farmers while the most recent statistics show 16,000 cane growers as at 2012. Have 3000 farmers dropped out over this period? Did Frank, the world’s worst sugar minister, discover this with his new GPS satellite system?

Fijilive November 30, 2014 Sugar industry needs more technology: PM

2 Responses to “Frank discovers technology”

  1. mukesh Says:

    I don’t know what good the GPS technology will bring, but with existing technology which FSC has Bainimarama and his associates, if they want could get up to date information or statistic on individual farms. information such as tonnes cane delivered, aches of land, individual farm income, fertilizer sold, debt, etc, etc.
    If Bainimarama knows how to use the black box, this days called computer, FSC has all number readily available,
    FSC keep these records for number of years. Bainimarama can analyse those, numbers and see for himself his success. numbers don’t tell lies.
    PM time now to stop bull shut and get down to serious business, you are now running elected government not overthrown one.

  2. Mukesh Says:

    All numbers come on the run; that is any numbers that comes first out of lips.

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