Try talking to the Minister for Sugar

Khaiyum has told state-owned companies they need to fix up their balance sheets to be able to get into the South Pacific Stock Exchange (SPSE) market. Speaking at the SPSE awareness seminar and annual report competition awards night at the Grand Pacific Hotel in Suva on Thursday, Khaiyum gave yet another lecture about what other people should be doing. Has he forgotten that FSC was on the South Pacific Stock Exchange until it was delisted because it was trading as insolvent? It’s unclear which hat he was wearing when he gave this lecture, but he has been Minister Public Enterprises for years now. Did he mean to include his Minister for Sugar in this lecture?


Fiji Times November 29, 2014: A-G: Fix up balance sheet


One Response to “Try talking to the Minister for Sugar”

  1. Muki Says:

    This government is full of Bull Shit. One hand they are boasting of record highest cane payment per tonne of cane to farmers, on the other tcts ratio of 8.
    They failed to tell people :-
    1. pathetic state of Rarawai mill which was shut down for extended period and cane transported to Lautoka.
    2. Although affected farms who transported cane to Lautoka get some compensation on transportation cost; government is failing to tell people that this amount is coming from industry cost and not Millers cost.
    3. The highest cane payment was only possible due to exchange rate, devaluation of Fijian Dollar, accounting records not properly audited.

    All in all this government is heavily relying of poor cane farmers so that they could get grant from EU, and Abdul Khan banking himself to get the co-generation at Rarawai going so that he could get significant cut from $70 million project.

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