The mills are now working now where’s the cane?

Our Minster for Sugar is over-joyed that this year FSC mills have been able to turn cane into sugar more efficiently than other years after the disastrous mill re-fit. This year it has taken only 8 tonnes of cane to produce a tonne of sugar, an improvement on last year’s 11 tonnes. (But didn’t he or Vaniqi claim that the figure was lower last year?). The problem he hasn’t solved is finding the cane. This year he’s fallen way short of the target of 2 million tonnes, managing only 1.83 million metric tonnes. He’s also boasting about the price paid for cane, claiming it as a record, but forgetting that the cost of growing cane has increased even faster.

Fijilive December 01, 2014: Sugar productions reach 8.0 TCTS

2 Responses to “The mills are now working now where’s the cane?”

  1. Mukesh Says:

    Radio Fiji News – Heading “AG clarifies his role”

    The Fijian Government is so stubborn and forceful and the opposition party and Leader so weak whereby questions asked by opposition to the government do not carry much weight and Khaiyum answers them stupidly

    Question that need to be asked would have been – Can they government explain how a Minister could carry his role appropriately given he hold several important ministerial portfolio?. Also can the prime minister advice the parliament another country where a minister holds all those ministry under one belt?. Thirdly, is the prime minister having no confidence in its other elected members of parliament to hold those positions,, and/or there is no proper persons with appropriate qualifications in government side to hold those positions??? Can the prime minister explain to the people of Fiji through this parliament?????

    Refer Below extract from Radio Fiji News
    Opposition Leader Ro Teimumu Kepa had asked the Attorney General to explain how he would advice the Minister for Finance, Minister for Justice, Minister for Public Enterprise, Minister for Public Service Commission, and Minister for Communications Independently.

  2. KS Says:

    The mills have been inefficient and the ratio of Cane to Sugar had been really bad – during a week in 2010 – the Rarawai Mill produced 1 ton of sugar for every 26 tons of cane….when they should have produced 1 ton of sugar from 8 tons of cane.

    The annual loss over the last few years because of this was about $100 million per year…..and the farmers, paid for about 65% of this loss.

    why should the farmers pay for this loss when it is the Mills that are screwing up.

    Now….wait till they tell you that the farmers are producing bad quality sugarcane which produces less sugar……..and if that was the case, how come they have a 8:1 ratio now?

    Farmers have been losing $65 million each year…..with that kind of loss, the cane land market is depressed and values go down….and with the land values down, there is no increase in the land lease rates, which are supposed to be adjusted every five years, so the land owner loses also.

    The farmer and the land owner….both are screwed.

    And they say these guys give you free education and free bus rides…yeah right!!

    and 80% of the Indians and 40% of the Fijians voted for these guys.

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