Land Confusion

Khaiyum needs to explain what his plan to ban non-residents from buying freehold land or leasing state land for residential purposes means. They can still lease native land i-Taukei land for residential purposes or only purchase strata title properties, so why rule out freehold property? He says he tabled a bill before parliament last Friday for an amendment to the act, which he hopes will be passed on December 12 but we are also told the legislation was gazetted early this year to regulate non-resident dealings in land so they will require prior ministerial consent before dealing in land in Fiji. Then Fiji Live tells us, Khaiyum has “assured potential investors and concerned landowners that taking out a lease on itaukei land with up to a 99-year lease is equally secure as taking out a lease on crown or freehold land”. So is he boasting about the reach of his Land Use Decree? He’s saying he can hand out leases that are equivalent to freehold but he feels a need to ban non-residents from buying freehold?

Fijilive November 27, 2014 ‘Land act changes not to punish foreign owners’


One Response to “Land Confusion”

  1. Tomasi Says:

    Even though it is not surprising, I find it absolutely amazing that Khaiyum has decided to unilaterally change the legislation regarding land and native lands through the simple act of formulating their first national budget. It is even more amazing that our people, especially the native landowners, chiefs, Fian Affairs, Provincial Councils, villagers and NLTB have been totally excluded nor consulted in the process and Parliament has yet to meet to hear such a critical legislation to be tabled, discussed and passed.

    This ladies and gentleman is another example and evidence of what we have been warning Fiji about. I also talked about this when I posted the topic of Islamic tagiyya and the subtle scheme and strategy of lies and deceit to gain absolute control.

    Let me say again; when will we wake up and do something about this arrogant man from Pakistan who is destroying our Fijian traditional society ? He has crossed many red lines, yet we remain largely passive, indifferent and silent. When will we say ENOUGH KHAIYUM! WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH !

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