Another illegal decision over-turned

The FNPF has been ordered to pay damages to former FNPF chief executive Olota Rokovunisei by Bainimarama for his sacking after the High Court rules it illegal. The FNPF board appointed by the illegal Interim Government sacked Rokovunisei after setting up a process to consider misconduct and then scrapping it because they doubted they could get a credible panel to act as their dirty workers. What will be the next illegal decision to over-turn? Will former PM Qarase’s pension be restored? No misconduct has been found against him as PM (the trumped-up charges he was convinced of, related to his periods as adviser to the FAB) with the return of the rule of law.

Fijilive November 27, 2014 Pay Rokovunisei, FNPF told


3 Responses to “Another illegal decision over-turned”

  1. Justice System Says:

    This judgment shows that judgments are made according to the evidence presented before the court – hai na?

    However, some of you think Khaiyum tell Judges what to write in their judgments – hai na?

    How come Khaiyum didnt direct Judges on this important matter?

    Why Judiciary did not wait for Khaiyum’s directions before giving verdict on this FNPF matter?

    Don’t you think some of you have been unnecessarily pointing finger at Judiciary?

    Always read the Judgment and try to understand how the case was conducted and why such judgment was passed!!

    BUT some of you will always stand there to make a mess of everything – hai na?

  2. tualeita Says:

    The Judges in the pre-election dictatorial regime of Bainimarama had to kowtow to Khaiyum’s “judgements” because they could be hired and fired by him at his own whim. However, there is a parliamentary government currently which also includes the opposition who will closely scrutinize the judges’ verdicts in all cases and Khaiyum and Bainimarama are not paying them. They now have to be truly fair, just and even transparent like genuine judges.

  3. Lawyer Says:

    Tualeita, who are so smart ass in the Oppositin? Niko, who is now on search warrant by his clients? Tupou, who was the reason Qarase lost his case? Marama Kepa, who knows nothing, nothing at all about the Law (oh yah, she can only comment on MOE)? Dr Biman Mutton Milk Prasad, who puts his knows in all business BUT declared on FBC talk back show that he has no legal knowledge? Prem Singh, who is already in the curry pot for town rate saga?

    Oh come on tualeita, all these idiots you have sent in opposition are there for a pay packet. They were useless and will remain useless – relax and let Khaiyum run the show.

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