Face the facts Frank


Bainimarama is beside himself with joy over his big visitors. A president and a PM from the two biggest countries in the world! Wow! How important must he be? If he had the capacity to think anything through he’d realise they came to see him only because they found themselves in his neighbourhood. And why was that? Because Australia was hosting the G20 meeting. Two facts Frank needs to get his mind around – 1. Australia, like New Zealand, is a neighbour and part of the region – and 2. Australia has a large well developed economy.

2 Responses to “Face the facts Frank”

  1. koroboy Says:

    Look at the hands of our PM, it seems he is about to hold the balls of Chinese

  2. Rakesh Says:

    The grins on their faces says a lot about the 2 men.The Chinaman shows a careful and calculated look whilst our PM just shows the emptiness and stupidity of a bafoon.

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