Wadan asks the hard question

Wadan Narsey has called the decision by the Bainimarama Government to ban the use of the indigenous Fijian language in parliament “extraordinary and unilateral”. Is there another Parliament in the world where the language of the majority of indigenous people is banned? Narsey points out all of the contradictions in this policy, one of which is the fact that Bainimarama regularly addresses the theoretically multi-racial military in the language that is the mother tongue of 95% of its members. And when he does so, there is no translation for the benefit of those who don’t understand what he’s saying. Prof Narsey has called a motion to rescind this silly rule and allow the three major languages to be spoken in parliament.

Wadan Narsey on Fiji blog –  Fiji’s un-parliamentary languages (edited version in The Fiji Times, 22 Nov 2014).

7 Responses to “Wadan asks the hard question”

  1. avatar Says:

    Hear ! Hear ! I plead to our Opposition Parliamentarians to please see that the motion is put before Parliament in the quickest possible manner to throw away such a stupid and ill formed decision. Thank you Dr Narsey for bringing it up because I doubt many indigenous people knew about this.

  2. Tomasi Says:

    Yes Avatar. Our Opposition MPs have a Mt Victoria to climb before we the people of Fiji can begin to sense what true democracy is, normalcy justice, freedom, accountability and good governance.But let us be realistic. It will take more than our Parliament to effect the fundamental changes we so desperately need. Why?

    Parliament is owned and controlled by the two top dogs, Khai and Bhai. Because of the voting system and the numbers, the voting outcomes and Parliamentary decisions will always favour the dogs and their followers. I am sorry to say that those who hope in the Parliamentary process will have to hope on and wait much longer. So what?

    We need to think out of the Parliamentary square to resolve the crisis we have. I call it the democratic paradox of dictatorial rule in Fiji. We still have the same regime that had ruled us for the last seven years. The elections has entrenched their power, accorded them legitimacy and international credibility and transformed them into honorable members of Parliament. But it has not changed their character, their intentions and their reason for being. If they were more dangerous and cunning before, prepare to shocked with even more daring daylight robbery, unilateral imposition of laws and a travesty of justice yet to be witnessed in our land. They have the full backing of the law, the military, the justice system, the muzzled press and our Government bureaucracy.They are now absolutely powerful and beyond the reach of the law. But,,,,,,

    But the only way we can defeat this evil administration is to unite as a nation and demand our freedoms, justice and our God-given rights without any compromise. This will require excellent planning and organisation, courage, wisdom and the level of resources to execute our plans. Here are some suggestions to consider :

    1. With our MPs leadership, we should organise strategic events to publicly demonstrate our disapproval and demand changes.
    2. We should organise public meetings to discuss the critical issues and agree on how to tackle these efficiently and effectively.
    3. Our chiefs should call public and private meetings to discuss issues that affect the indigenous people of Viti kei Rotuma in order to agree on a plan to resolve these issues.
    4. In some of these public meetings, we must invite the leaders of our security forces and public services as well as religious leaders. We must discuss our challenges frankly and openly and agree on what must be done to move forward.

    There is very little hope of any fundamental changes happening under the watch of the two dogs. We must force them out of their comfortable Parliamentary seats and titles and privileges into the streets where only the truth shall be sought and pusued and discussed freely under the full public gaze of the local and international community. In Parliament, the Speaker and Parliamentary procedures will dictate and shape the proceedings and outcomes. In the streets, it is the speakers who will be heard, fully and freely exercising their right to speak, discuss and decide what is best for them and our country. In Parliament, our representatives speak and decide on our behalf. In the streets, we the people will take back those privileges and speak and decide for ourselves. That is the only way we can neutralise the ugly and poisonous lies and deceit of the two top dogs and their cronies. There is no other way we can peacefully navigate our way forward towards true democracy and a full restoration of our God given rights in our own land. We cannot afford to allow these criminals to be the victims of their paradoxical rule. Vinaka.

    • too little, too late Says:

      ha ha ha! @ tomasi’s: “the only way we can defeat… is to unite as a nation and demand…”

      Slow boat to China finally berthed in Suva.

      But still long long walk to Jericho from wasa Pasifika.

      I.e. people have to first work on themselves and try not to abuse “thy own and thy neighbour”, ehh? Change will have to start from within, for e.g. lose that selfishness, false pride, arrogance, false sense of entitlement and APOLOGISE for your corruption and grand theft of public monies, etc etc etc..

      And for your sake, try not to make a fool of thy arrogant self looking for scapegoats..

  3. Tomasi Says:

    @TLTL, it is obvious we come from two different worlds and heading towards different destinations. Please address the substance of my posting rather than making general and sweeping statements. Before you respond again, please answer the following questions:

    1. Do you approve what Khaiyum and Bai are doing and why?
    2, If not, then what do you consider my suggestions worthless?
    3. What do you blame me for the national problems of leadership and Government?
    4. Why do you say I am arrogant and selfish?
    5. Why do you say I am looking for scapegoats?

    Please consider these facts:

    1. Fiji’s current leadership and Government absolutely corrupt, defective and is in crisis. You have to be either blind, ignorant or dumb not to see that.
    2. A huge number of our Fijian population do not approve what is happening in the way we are being ruled.
    3. Bai and Khai are some of the people responsible for this crisis.
    4. Fiji is not a true democracy and our economy, politics and social life will deteriorate of fundamental changes are not made.
    5. Parliament is a foregone conclusion. Unless the other Government MPs unite with the Opposition and vote for the best interests of Fiji, against the dictatorial rule of Khaiyum and Bhai, the dictatorship will continue under the guise of a Parliamentary democracy.
    6. The people of Fiji deserve to have their God-given rights and freedoms and we do not need or want any Government to be telling us how to live our lives.
    7. The last two months after the elections have revealed alarming and conclusive evidence that this Government is criminal. arrogant, corrupt and lawless in its very core. They do not have any reservation at all about breaking the laws of the land, God’s principles and laws, and the consequences of their decisions and actions. A few examples:

    a. Election results and its associated controversies
    b. Bai and the Bilitaki case
    c. Auditor General’s Reports ( 2007 – 2013)
    d. Salaries of MPS and its associated decree.
    e. Imposition of the Immunity Constitution
    f. Public Accounts Committee and its deliberate sabotage.
    g. Exclusion of the GCC from various key documents and events including PM Modi’s welcome.
    h. National Budget 2015.



    Tom Assy,

    I run the show in this dump, ok.

    Say all that to my face. I dare you, assy.

  5. Tomasi Says:

    To the real ASK if you are reading this blog. Oh yes Khaiyum. I have been praying and getting ready for that moment since you reared your ugly heart several years ago. I am waiting to confront you and Voreqe and Shameem and Gayts and your cronies. I challenged you and Bhai to a public debate before the election to tell you in the face how we feel about your fraudulent and deceitful schemes. but you acted like the lying deceitful coward that you are, and never responded. That day is coming and you better be ready for that. Tell your monkey PM that, you evil cunning devious sons of the devil.

  6. Rakesh Says:

    @ Aiarssy!!!

    So, you admitting you run the show in this horrible and stinking dump?

    What Tom said must have hurt some worthless pride !!

    Keep it up Tom…… Aiarssy is running out of ideas to counter yours.

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