In praise of our President

A letter from AZIM DEAN of Nasinu in the Fiji Times speaks for a lot of people with his praise for our President. True he was not appointed by any legal process, but he was born a chief and it seems that makes a difference He practices rather than preaches “common and equal citizenry”.

The letter reads:

“MY friend Anish Chand wrote in this column (FT 22/11) about our President missing from welcoming the Indian PM. I would like to inform him that he is The Man. He doesn’t want to be boasting or standing shoulder high. Wherever he goes is traffic free, no roadblocks, no security, plus no bumper-to-bumper escort.

I think all leaders should follow this. Why use bodyguards and high-level security if you are serving the public. Best thing about our President is that we were together in a line to use an ATM and a guy ahead of us gave him his place. But those of us who bump into the streets know the President’s line, who just said “don’t worry, just follow the line. We are just common people and don’t have to give special treatment”. Those were his words. I urge our leaders to follow the steps of our President. We wish him a long and healthy life.”


4 Responses to “In praise of our President”

  1. avenai Says:

    Azim, your useless, parasitic, impotent and alcoholic President doesn’t give a fark about Modi. Deep inside he is still the racist aristoratic scum that he is, sucking off the government’s teats at every opportunity under so many guises like aids advocate, climate change, roving aimlessly ambassador and etc. He is shamelessly bludging off our hard earned taxes. Modi did well in not being in the vicinity of such scum. So please do not insult us and please pull your tongue out of your President’s asshole.

  2. Man fron the noth Says:

    Avenai you seem to be coming from Temumus and Nawaikulas Ass hole time after time,all your words are just as poluted as mentioned

  3. avenai Says:

    @ Man from the noth, why don’t you go suck those two too. Point is Epeli is a sucking leech of a parasite who doesn’t deserve to be mollycoddled with all these bullshit about being down to earth etc. His a farking useless lavatory parasite

  4. aveuta Says:

    @avenai and man from the north

    You two are just full of shit !!!!

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