Big test for Jiko

Jiko Luveni was given the job being ‘independent’ Speaker of Parliament by the Government and she won’t have to wait long to have her independence tested, as she’s got the job of working out how the Public Affairs Committee is supposed to work. She told the Government  and Opposition members to discuss their differences among themselves so they can “iron out whatever differences they have before we decide on the PAC meeting”. The Standing Orders are clear about who should be the Chairman.

Fijilive November 21, 2014 Sort out issues: Speaker to Govt, Opposition


One Response to “Big test for Jiko”

  1. Tomasi Says:

    Please Jiko. We already have a hopeless idiot as a PM. We also have a spineless parasite as the Pressie. You must decide what you must be as the Speaker.

    Are you going to be a puppet for Khaiyum or are you going to rise above the ordinary and honour the high calling of your role and fulfill your functions in the best interests of our nation and your Vanua. Please let Biman do his work. You are not there to judge the committee, but to facilitate and support them. They are ultimately accountable to us the people, not to you or Khaiyum or to your party. Vinaka.

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