The big PIF question

The Tongan PM has decided to take a strong stand by sitting on the fence between Aust/NZ and Frank and his PIDF. Tu’ivakano says the PIDF and the Pacific Islands Forum (PIF) Secretariat can co-exist and work together, which is fine except for the question of who pays. Let’s not forget that Frank’s problem is his bruised ego. His exclusion from the Forum needed the support of his fellow Island leaders and it really hurt when they gave it. Naturally he blames Australia and New Zealand rather than Island leaders but they voted him out because he broke a promise he made to them. So what does Frank really want? Who knows? Given that he is motivated by wounded pride, no one knows what he expects to achieve? What does Australia want? Who knows? But the meeting does give Australia an opportunity to save a whole lot of money by getting out of all these regional bodies (PIF in Suva and SPC in Noumea) and leaving it to Frank’s New-Found Friends to fund Frank’s Own Forum? Wouldn’t that be a laugh. It would leave Frank and his buddies with holding the baby.

Fiji Times November 19, 2014 PIDF, PIF can exist side by side, says Tongan PM

One Response to “The big PIF question”

  1. karasi Says:

    PIFS should have some spine to play hardball and express their serious intent to move the PIFS somewhere else (Vanuatu preferably) because there is no point in having it in Fiji if Fiji doesn’t want its two principal sponsors to be members, who rightfully need to be there to show their taxpayers that they are not just cash cows for the PICs but to also protect their interest in the region. The PIC leaders are also a bunch of sonalevu, liumuri-double talkers. Only Samoa and perhaps PNG are talking straight. I like that. This is a chance to show Fiji that it is not the biggest boy in town. Come on PIC leaders, tell Fiji they can have the PIDF and you will all join and milk what you can get from it, but you will also remain with PIFs and use Aust and NZ for your own benefit. PIDF is an ill-conceived concept borne out of vindictiveness and false pride. It will not survive, unless countries with voracious appetites for the Pacific’s large oceanic resources like China and India use it to get their money’s worth.

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