SODELPA boycott disappointing

SODELPA’s decision to boycott the address to Parliament by the Indian Prime Minister reflects on them more than it does on the Bainimarama Government. It shows them to be as petty and small-minded as Bainimarama. We must never let Bainimarama’s low standard of behaviour provoke us to follow suit.

Fiji Times November 19, 2014 MPs boycott

4 Responses to “SODELPA boycott disappointing”

  1. kaibiti Says:

    Yeah it was petty, but FFP added fuel to the party by not involving SODELPA as they said they would. That just re-opened and added salt to yet-to-heal wounds. They could have still given them the privilege of the vote of thanks, and if SODELPA had chosen to play politics with their speech there, then it would really expose SODELPA. But FFP does not have that kind of thinking and they are still playing the exclusion and muffle tactics. Modi knows very well that Fiji is still a simmering cauldron of racial hate and distrust.

  2. Tomasi Says:

    It might be disappointing in some respects. We all wanted to embrace the Indian PM to Fiji because of various well known reasons. But in terms of the boycott, I think it is a very clear and very loud statement to the world that Fiji is not what it pretends to be.

    The boycott was based on principles and I am so glad that that after seven long years, some of our leaders have found the courage and the opportunity to publicly declare that this new democracy is but an extension of the dictatorship that has enslaved our population and broken the rules and protocols with impunity.

    The protest was a solemn declaration of opposition to dictatorial rule under the guise of democracy. What do we expect of our leaders? I thank Ro Teimumu and all her team for this development. It is about time we the people, under the leadership of our leaders make that bold and unambiguous declaration that we want true democracy and a Government that sincerely believes and practises the principles and values of government by the people for the people.

    The GCC was not included as part of the welcoming ceremony to a the leader of a great nation that is closely linked to ours. Convention and common sense dictates that the traditional owners of this land usually performs the traditional ceremony of welcome. The Indian PM deserves to be accorded the highest and the best. The involvement of the GCC means that the people of Fiji and not only the Government are welcoming our guest. In their absence, the welcome becomes a Government welcome and does not truly involve the owners of the land and their people.

    In conclusion, although the protest was a temporary blight in our history and a blot to the proceedings of the day, I believe that its positive impact will add to the impetus and positive forces to bring the seven year dictatorship by Bai and Khai to its knees. We must speak up and not shut up when wrongs are being done. We must never back off back down or back out when confronted with wrong decisions and misrule. The story of the last seven years, culminating in the Auditor General’s Report should awaken us from our passivity, indifference and slumber. We must expect our leaders to set an example. Our Opposition MPs have done that. We the people must applaud them for their bold and timely move. Without such well premeditated actions, Opposition MPs will be simply ineffective observers and mere pawns in the hands of evil and cunning people who use their new found legitimacy to court public sympathy and political clout. A wrong is a wrong, no matter who does it, where it happens and why. The decision to exclude our traditional chiefs from a role that is exclusively theirs to perform is absolutely wrong. It should be condemned. I applaud Ro Teimumu and her team for their bold action. We also look forward to a similar action by the Opposition to express our utmost disgust and alarm for the way in which taxpayer funds have been and resources have been mismanaged by Voreqe and his thieves. The people involved must be brought to account. That is the only way Fiji can really move forward. Vinaka.

  3. avatar Says:

    I am glad at the stand taken by Sodelpa as a matter of principle.Modi wil undoubtedly be briefed after that, all is not as rosy as Khaiyum wants to put Fiji up to be. Bainmarama does not have the support of his fellow indigenous people. It will throw a different perspective on Modi’s thoughts on Fiji. Thank you Sodelpa.

  4. tualeita Says:

    Well said Kaibiti, Tomasi and Avatar.

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