More facts on the Land Bank please

The Government is still touting their Land Bank but it seems to be letting out very few facts. They now admit that only 28 leases have been issued in the 4 years since the Land Bank was set up, but they claim this has resulted in $750 million worth of business. How much of this has gone to landowners? And how much of this is from the bauxite mining in Bua? From the little information released it seems landowners have been getting hundreds of thousands while the mining company apparently gets hundreds of millions. Why can’t we have all the facts?

Radio Fiji News 18 November 2014 More land leased

One Response to “More facts on the Land Bank please”

  1. KS Says:

    Hey… no more freehold land for them non-residents…..I was all set to buy that freehold land at Momi to build my new villa.

    With demand of Freehold land declining…the price is going to go down….and that will bring down the value of Native Land – for the purposes of calculating the rental – Unimproved Capital Value.

    Those foreigners ain’t buying no sugarcane farms……so land values overall goes down…and guess who gets hurt.

    Did I miss something here.

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