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lfrank-and-leweni-3Frank sent him to China to avoid the one-way trip to the Vet

Neumi Leweni, the bad penny that keeps turning up has done it again. He failed as RFMF spokesman, he was a dud as a Commissioner, his time as Permanent Secretary for Lands might explain the mess the new Minister found there, but now he’s surfaced in Shanghai as Consul General. He thinks China with more than a billion people is the ideal model for Fiji with less than one million. China, he says, should be a case study for our developers. We think he should be a case study for the dog whisperer. Frank has kept him as pet but he kept messing up the house and annoying the neighbours, so he sent him to China. The only thing that makes Leweni look good is the even dumber contribution from Amani Suliano, someone almost as over-promoted as him. The TV One News story quotes Suliano as expressing amazement that the Chinese can get water to flow up to the top of 40 or 50 floor buildings. Woi Lei! Kai Colo roots are showing.

TV One News 16 November 2014: Fiji needs to look to China for development.

3 Responses to “Leweni’s latest”

  1. Keep The Faith Says:

    Is Teleni still amazed? ROFLMAO.

  2. Tomasi Says:

    Some of us heard the interview on Sunday. Yes, it is so sad that our Consul General is nothing more than an ordinary Fijian below mediocre brain on a highly paid holiday in one of the most dynamic and vibrant business centres of the modern world. All he can see is the endless streams of cars running along the tarsealed roads without any traffic jams, and the endless construction that gose on around him everyday. But one can only give what one has. Poor Leweni cannot see like a Consul general because his eyes (mind) can only look at the surface and can never make sense of the complex robust beautiful and marvelous creature before him.

    China has surpassed the USA as the largest global economy. It also has the largest human population ( most vital asset for economic development and growth). It has established itself as a country of great potential with a people of excellent work ethics and positive mental attitude. Where many societies would see adversity and problems, the Chinese culture educatess and conditions them to see opportunity.

    So yes, Fiji, though a tiny country by comparison certainly has lots to gain through smart associations and strategic partnerships. Logically, the Government would send its very best people to represent us there. But no. Instead, we have chosen Esala Teleni and Leweni Neumi, Who are these people? What qualifications and experience and qualities do they have to merit such an appointment as Ambassador and Consul General? Jim Ah Koy we all understand. But these two Leweni and Teleni are two morons who can only watch the roads and marvel at the 24 hour shifts at construction sites. I really wonder what they write in their reports and professional briefs to HQ. Oh yes, no worries. The two morons are reporting to another just like them. It is no wonder they will not hand over power. They do not want us to see the amount of nothing they have achieved. But what about foreign aid ( Loans for roads and hydro power and what else)

    I was hoping to hear some in depth analysis and incisive observations from the Consul General? The interviewer was well prepared with his questions. But our Consul General was just too comfortable or too dumb to tell the nation what is it that makes Shanghai tick.( Sa vucesa tu madaga na kena i rairai noda Mata ) He looks sleepy and sounds drowsy, there is no inspiration and life and motivation in his voice and posture. I would seriously recommend that he and others of similar quality either be trained for the job or kept away from such appointments.

    His comments are no better than those we hear around the market places. Just casual observations about what is happening, etc etc. Imagine what the Chinese officials must be thinking when they hear the aaahhh, aaahhh, aaahhhh. and then the idiotic foolish references to nothing substantive. What a shame. It is not only the cost to the nation of keeping these idiots there. It is the costs to our international image, our international relations, our opportunity costs, etc. That is something we can never really quantify in dollar terms, but they are real costs to the nation which we cannot afford. But, we are being run by a moron who appoints morons like him to spend a lot of money and resources to achieve a little good but a lot of nothing. What a shame. We can do better.

  3. ali baba Says:

    I like what Tomasi says above, “They do not want us to see the amount of nothing they have achieved ” Bulls eye!!!
    Vinaka Tomasi

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