Groenewald upholding the law

Police Commissioner Groenewald has told Radio Australia that the man beaten by police in the notorious torture video has “changed” his mind about laying a complaint about the vicious beating he received at the hands of police and corrections staff. The Commissioner made clear “no-one is above the law”. And in relation to the Bilitaki incident he has made clear that an internal investigation is underway. Police involved will take the full brunt of the law if they acted illegally. This follows confirmation by the DPP that even though there’s no evidence for a charge of assault to be laid against police, the police involved will be held to account for the way they acted.

Radio Australia 17 November 204: Fijian “torture video” victim changes mind about complaint

Fiji Times November 18, 2014: Internal Inquiry


2 Responses to “Groenewald upholding the law”

  1. saunivalu Says:

    This is absurd, another cover up by the Head of Fiji Police. Groewald is a push over.. Fiji justice system don’t need him.. He is a retired South African Ex Cop. He does not give a damn about Fiji and the safety of her citizen. He was placed in that position by the military Government which is the same government controlling Fiji today. He is only there for the holiday and the money.

    Send him back to South Africa. Now is the time for the current government and the opposition to look for the right people for the important positions in Fiji. Look no further than Australia and New Zealand. These countries have the best Police officers in the World. They understand what accountability is and are driven to maintain protection of People and property.

    They speak Fiji language of democracy and understand the multicultural society Fiji now has. Groewald retired from the service long time ago. He has been not in the state of mind of a Real Police Officer for a long time, therefore he has no interest in any of what Fiji needs for Protection and fair justice. Fiji judicial system needs a currently serving and well decorated Police Officer from NZ or Austarlia to serve and protect the people of Fiji, to facilitate the services of justice, to control and direct the Fiji police without favouritism and malice.

    Fijians deserves the best. .

  2. Navosavakadua Says:

    These actions occurred when the immunity provision still applied. Will the officers covered by this claim immunity? Will the A-G invoke it? That would make the whole thing legal and provide the ‘protection’ promised by Bainimarama but it would also focus attention on the way the immunity provision operated to legalise intimidation.

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