Careful Auntie Nur, you’re giving the game away

Fiji Sun’s growling watch dog is at it again. Jyoti Pratibha has reported that Auntie Nur is planning to sue after the Auditor General reported that her firm was appointed to carry out a restructuring report for Rewa Co-operative Dairy Company (RCDC) Limited without proper tendering. She said she was appointed by the Rewa, so they were her client. She seems to have a flimsy grasp of what the issue is here – namely, taxpayers money. If the report was paid for by the taxpayers money, proper transparent processes are required. If taxpayers had nothing to do with it, the Auditor General wouldn’t be involved. Her protests have done nothing but focus attention on the real issue – nepotism – which wasn’t even mentioned by the Auditor General. If taxpayers money was spent, who made the decisions? This is just the beginning of accountability and transparency.

Fiji Sun 17 November 2014, ‘Legal Action’

5 Responses to “Careful Auntie Nur, you’re giving the game away”

  1. KS Says:

    Correct me if I am wrong, but I think the AG’s report is blaming the government agency for not following the proper tender process as required.

    And also reading the AG’s report, the government department which was blamed for not doing things right – they also provide their response to the AG.

    As the author above said, this is about public funds and some public servants did not follow the right procedure…..there was no blame put the AG on the private company that got the deal.

    So why is the lady threatening to sue the AG.

    ANd by the way, if she does sue……will it be the Attorney General’s office that would be in charge of defending the lawsuit.

  2. Tomasi Says:

    Yes KS. The crafty lady has done it again and very consistent with her conduct over the last seven years. She must have read the OAG Report but somehow she feels so guilty that she want s to attack the Auditor General in order to defend herself. Attack is the best defence, so she thinks.

    the other is that by threatening to sue the AG ( Government), she want us to think that she is absolutely innocent and has been unlawfully maligned. What a woman this is? Who does she think she is? Is this part of their family DNA?

    Please Prof Biman, stand your ground and do the right thing. Summon them all and let them answer and clarify what happened. Before the elections, .the famous aunty was globetrotting and appeared to be floating in the Suva and Nadi skies. After the AG’s report surfaced into the public domain, she is swiftly brought down to earth and maybe wishing she was an earthworm so that she could go underground and become invisible once again.

    Let the case be heard fairly and properly. Let the truth be revealed. Let the proper judgement be made. Let people reap according to what they have sown. How sweet justice can be when it finally arrives. How fleeting power and riches can be, especially when they are acquired through illegal and devious means.

  3. Aunty Nur Says:

    Guys relax. In our family we stand together and it is not a good idea to upset my AG and chief of Fiji First. We only do what everybody else would given the chance: make as much money as possible.

  4. saunivalu Says:

    @ Aunty Nur, The money the Real Aunty Nur feeds upon will swallow the rest of her family from now to beyond. When a scared dog is cornered it will bark unnecessarily which is an indication of guilt and fear of threat. The real Aunty Nur cant run, she has nowhere to go but will try every avenue to justify and protect herself from being turned and rolled over by the authorities. You eat the peoples money, that money will eat you inside out and carries on to your generations after generations. .

  5. ali baba Says:

    @ auntie nur.
    Threatening to sue the AG means you cannot defend your position with a simple explanation because you just do not have anything to defend yourself with. You have assisted your nephew for the past 8 years to milk the nation’s funds that belong to taxpayers to enrich the khaiyum and Nur Banno Ali family members. In the process you and your nephew have been guilty of committing corruption,
    favouritism, nepotism, theft and gross abuse etc.
    You should sue the Attorney General and not the Auditor General.
    May you and Khaiyum rot in hell!

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