Fiji Sun mischief making

The Fiji Sun have reported that un-named SODELPA MPs are asking why someone “like Aseri Radrodro” was overlooked in favour of the leader of the National Federation Party for the position of Chairman of Public Accounts Committee? The Sun listed all Aseri’s brilliant achievements including his time at the Sports Council where he played the role of Judas to stab his boss in the back and make way for one of the piglets. The Fiji Sun is naturally mouthing the comments of FijiFirst claiming that Biman Prasad had no right to speak before the Committee had received the Audit reports. But the Fiji Sun then goes on to say “Not everything in the report is accurate”. Is that right? How do they know that?

Fiji Sun 14 November 2014: Opposition jumping the gun

4 Responses to “Fiji Sun mischief making”

  1. Muki Says:

    “Insufficient evidence to proceed with Bilitaki assault charge” as reported in Fiji Times can be said as compromise between Bilitaki and Bainimarama??????

    Also reports on “Do not wait for opportunities, create them – PM” – my question is; ‘Is Bainimarama talking from his experience ?????? Coups, corruptions, betrayals, abuse of funds, and more????????

  2. Keep The Faith Says:

    The SunK once again shows its hand by stating that because both Radrodro and his Mrs are mentioned in the Auditor General’s reports.

    If Radrodro chairs the committee, it gives Aiyaz and cronies (including his irate aunty Nur Bano who took out a full-paged ad ONLY in the CJ Patel run SunK yesterday with a clear legal intention to intimidate), the fullest opportunity to undermine the credibility of the public accounts committee and its work that taxpayers are eagerly waiting on.

  3. leone Says:

    This Jyoti stink curry slut is at it again. she has no qualms with what she is doing as a journalist. she needs to have some red hot chilly rubbed up her slack hole and have some wild dogs doing the rounds. they might just cringe in disgust.

  4. ali baba Says:

    Jyoti, I am overseas right now but how come your stink comes up here. ? Readership of the Sun has lost credibility because of reporters of your quality.
    Grow up and be yourself, think of your family and report sensibly.

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