Why not seek help from Australia or New Zealand?

Our precarious dairy industry has been plagued by many pests in recent years. Brucellosis was one, high-priced consultants another, and now TB is threatening the entire industry. Why not seek help from our neighbours – Aust and NZ – who happen to have world class dairy industries? Is it because Frank and Khaiyum have to pretend to themselves that Australia and New Zealand are not actually part of our region. They’re just donor countries, no different to any of the others. The fact is they are neighbours. Suva is cloer to Auckland and Brisbane than it is to Port Moresby. There are almost as many Samoans in New Zealand as there are in Samoa. New Zealand and Australia are part of our region. Get over it Frank.

Fiji Times November 13, 2014 EXCLUSIVE: Dairy cattle herds face TB outbreak

11 Responses to “Why not seek help from Australia or New Zealand?”

  1. Muki Says:

    Foolish people only fool a fool. But they will find hard to adjust with people who will say things on their face. Probably this is the reasons our leaders are frighten to mix high calibre person fearful that weaknesses will be exposed

  2. kainoqu Says:

    The cows have already been looking north just like Frank and Kaiyum! They are probably are mooing too saying their cure will only come from the north. Perhaps some vets from Sri Lankar night help too – to add to their contingent of lawyers. And Gates can go and recruit them given his knowledge of their workforce!

  3. Transparency Says:

    nothing wrong with the Sri Lankans mate…they were conned into helping out, now they’ve learned their mistakes so only the misguied ones remain or continue to come…they are good people and by the way theres at least one in fiji fighting for you kaivitis against baini and kainoqu…how many kaibitis other than Ro Teimumu Kepa standing up to the two thugs??? so dont open your mouth unless you know the facts otherwise crap comes out.

  4. kainoqu Says:

    @ Transparency says

    yes you are truly reflecting that the whole place is a circus!

  5. Mukesh Says:

    There are still reports that people who worked during the election are not been paid. If this is true than what the supervisor of election id during. Lots of overseas countries had given donations for this cause and it is pity that poor person is not being paid.
    One thing sure is that Bainimarama, Khaiyum, and Shimmer all get their hefty pay on regular dates so why these poor person is still waiting for his/her fair day wage.
    Even a little bit extra would do……

  6. Transparency Says:

    no kainoqu, what Im saying is that the kaivitis are being made to look like clowns by baini and his gang

  7. kainoqu Says:

    Sorry @ Transparency says – I dont think so. Its the Baini gang that has made themsleves the biggest clowns of the Fiji circus. They have grabbed power and state monies without even thinking about its consequences. Their project of remaking democracy Baikai style is fraudulent. The Fijians are having a laugh about it! They tried paint a good picture about their fairytale coupcoup land but didnt amuse the UN at all and were told to go back and do their homework. Never before has a Fiji delegation consisting of the CJ, Attorney General, Solicitor General, Fiji’s rep to Geneva and all the puppets including the media cahirman told to go back and look at themselves properly in the mirror. Their high sense of delusion has taken the better of them. High time they get back to the real world. They have been out of touch with reality for too long. Thanks for dictating to others how they should live and should be governed without practicing it themselves. Now can the clowns tell us how much they have really robbed from the state coffers? The Fijians are watching in amusement at their daylight robbery!

  8. Tomasi Says:

    @Kainoqu. Well said. The Fiji delegates to Geneva you mentioned are the very best of the KhaiBhai administration.They are the real power brokers are and they have inadvertently identified themselves for us all to see. Here are a few observations:

    1. This high powered delegation represent the very core of the KhaiBhai think tank. They are the ones who are behind the unilateral decisions and repressive government for the last seven years. They are stll very much the same ones we will have to contend with now.

    2. The majority of them are lawyers by profession, two of whom are judges. This reveals the nature of the illegal regime of yesterday and the current nature of the Government today.

    3. They realise that their fundamental basis for governing us was flawed at the very beginning. They had to resort to decrees and legal repression, oppression and suppression to maintain control. This will be the nature of their administration in the future.

    4. They were very conscious of their guilt and they thought their high powered team and their lies would intimidate and / or convince the UNCHR also. Fortunately for us, the UN Council had sufficient knowledge of the truth and the realities in Fiji. They were caught lying and they had to be told diplomatically they should return to our banana republic and do the right thin by the people as per the UN conventions.

    5. This is a positive sign for us all who strive for good governance, justice and freedom for our nation. It is also a reason why we should keep up the pressure by speaking the truth and using all the means available to proclaim the truth and demand changes and a return to the respect for law and order and genuine democracy.

    Therefore, I wish to thank FDN, FT, Coup 4.5, Fiji Leaks, Matavuvale and all the people and organisations involved in this gigantic struggle. The tide is turning slowly but surely. The truth is being gradually revealed for all to see. The UNCHR, resolution and the disclosures of absolute mismanagement by Auditor General’s office have been positive gains for democracy. These came after the first Parliamentary sitting and the bold and positive declarations of our MPs.

    A breeze is blowing across our land, along the streets and corridors and fields and marketplaces. The truth is being revealed and our people are being set free from their ignorance. May the breeze continue to blow as we continue to speak the truth with love and boldness. The BAIKHAI sand castle still stands, but it is beginning to wobble as the breeze gains strength. Where lies and deceit exist in the darkness of ignorance, truth and love will tear them down to bring freedom and liberty. May God help us to hold fast to our sacred values and grant us the courage to stand and to fight against injustice, tyranny and oppression under the guise of a sham democracy by criminals who pose as leaders.. Vinaka.

  9. Joe Black Says:

    dream on boci’s nothing is going to work out for fj as long as the leaders are workin for themselves whether indians or fijians!!

  10. avatar Says:

    Thank you Tomasi.You have said a “mouthful”.Thank you, I always look forward to reading your piece.
    And what about the restructure of Rewa Dairy and Alize Pacific involvement without a tender process.
    If I remember correctly Qarase went to goal for a crime committed 20 years ago, where one of the charges was that he did not declare his interest as an adviser to Cicia Plantations and a few other Fijian owned interests.
    In the Ailze Pacific case Cabinet made a decision in 2010 for taxpayers funds to be committed without a tender process. And not only that, the company being awarded the tender belongs to the younger sister of the Attorney General’s mother. The question to be asked is ” Did Khaiyum (then Acting PM), declare his interest?

  11. kainoqu Says:

    Yes Tomasi. Thank you for that observation. I suspected all along that it will eventually come out in public one day……..and at last the shadowy figures behind the curtains have revealed themselves…….voluntarily……..to the world and a picture did it! What an irony. It would be a grand photo but to many it is a historical picture for the wrong reason……that Baikhai’s project of remaking and reinventing democracy in Fiji is a flawed and fraudulent endeavour.

    So we understand from this UN stance that the shadowy figures or think tank, will no longer be sitting behind the curtains but will have to sweat heir asses on their homework that is due for reporting 6 months from now. Again this affair (like many other failures in the Baikhai regime) reflect the corrupt, illegal, disgenuine, mythical and delusionary normalities of the Baikhai order coming home to roost. Unfortunately, the Fiji citizenry has been wooed for a ride by political posturing and bribes but the record of Baikhai has not amused the independent observers at all.

    As we now see, dissallowing external observers to undertake independent scrutiny of reported human rights abuses in the past is coming home to roost. It has not painted a good picture of Baikhai and testifies systematic coverups for their dealings. And still they do not seem to show any real intention of concluding investigation over tortures and deaths and deliver appropriate justice for it. Like so many other issues awaiting justice in animal farm, the Baikhai government will struggle to stay above water because the whole regime, the way it came to being, the whole system and order that it runs Fiji with is questionable – legally, ethically, morally etc in so many aspects!

    What is attempted now is the cover up of so many ills that took place and this cannot be a genuine cause let alone sustainable because the fundamental element of justice which is critical to a democracy and human society, is denied. In this UNHCR meeting we see a bunch of fraudsters trying to sell their story and are being rebutted. They were not convincing at all. They were found to be lying and not credible! They were told to go back and do their homework and report back in March. In other words, their lies, deception and ulterior motive was found out. It was simply nuts and insane for them to assume the UNHCR’s ignorance. Thats why I’ve said their delusionary behaviour has taken the better of them and its high time they settled their brains (if not their asses) back to reality. Isnt it so obvious to all that “You can only fool some people some of the time but you cannot fool all people all the time!” The Fiji delegation appear to be more of an empty vessel than a think tank! Their insincerity, corrupt, disgenuine and deceptive mannerisms are now being played out openly than ever before for everyone to notice and its so humorous that they dont see any folly in it at all!!

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