Biman’s got them running scared

Rather than have Dr Biman Prasad, a trained economist heading the Public Accounts Committee, someone in the Government got an attack of cassava patch fever and cancelled the first scheduled meeting. He was appointed Chairman of the Committee, in accordance with the Constitution and the standing orders of Parliament, so he is the chairman whether anyone in the Government likes it or not. By cancelling the meeting, all the Government has done is tell the world they’re running scared of a Chairman who knows what he’s talking about. Go Biman!!

Radio New Zealand 12 November 2014 Anger in Fiji after Accounts Committee

10 Responses to “Biman’s got them running scared”

  1. KS Says:

    Biman ain’t gonna do doo doo.

    If he was the chairman, ……and the speaker of the house is out of the country…..then who cancelled the meeting? the Parliament secretariat who is appointed by Khaiyum.
    And what you gonna do about it…..sue them.

    Welcome to democracy.

  2. kaibiti Says:

    The Secretariat should exercise its independence on these matters. But then again, I’m not surprised. Some of these authorities in Government are so used to being accommodating to the regime that they probably just do so wilfully without being told do so i.e. they don’t even understand their ‘real’ statutory roles and responsibilities. A sad state of affairs for Fiji.

  3. kainoqu Says:

    The circus never stops failing to amuse! First a self-serving constitution, second – a stage-managed corrupt election, third a coup constitued parliament that requires mentoring from a foreign provincial legilstaure, fifth – a set of manufactured standing orders …..and if that is not enough, they are still meddling with the stated regualtions of the House! Its utter shambles. Thanks for destroying parliamentary governance and democracy and trying to reinvent – Baikhai style. It never gets more funnier than this!

  4. KS Says:

    Yeap……this would be really funny if wasn’t so sad.

    The question now is how long with the people of Fiji sit back and take this.

    About 80% of the Indians voted for FFP – and they sure bought into the the “all races are equal” thing. That what Chaudhry got in 2006.

    What I can’t understand is about 40% Fijians also voted for FFP….and is sit because SODELPA just did not do a good job with the Fijian voters.

    It the figures above are really what it looks like……..then God Bless Fiji.

  5. mukesh Says:

    The government now is more scared than every and probably thinking that they have made greatest mistake when the manipulated the election result. They are worried that they have included Biman in the parliament, At the time of selecting who should be parliament, Bainimarama and Khaiyum thought that by bringing Biman into parliament, Biman’s career and earning will halt. But little they realise that Biman would get the Chairman’s role of the Public Accounts Committee.
    Now these two are having sleepless nights thinking how to silence opposition.
    So far since 2006, they were able to cover things up, but not any more.
    These two successfully put the Labor candidates out of parliament because they thought that any Labour candidate in parliament will be Chaudhry ‘s mouth piece.
    Now these two staggers are playing delay hectic and frustrating opposition members.

    What will happen from hereon would be interesting

  6. Tomasi Says:

    Yes Friends. As has been noted above, the circus will and must continue. That is quite certain, because the alternative is absolutely out of the question for their sakes. . What will happen now?

    The future will most likely be a rerun of the film reels of the past seven years, because human nature and habits tend to cause inertia and resist change. But they have been temporaily stunned now by our good PAC Chair, Prof Biman Prasad. . They must change tactics now, reevaluate their strategies and do their utmost best to remain in control. Forget about democracy? Its only a smart enticing slogan to win their fraudulent election.

    Fiji and the world are watching more closely now and they are like naked emperors under the public gaze. Even their PR machinery and QORVIS will be hard pressed to control the damage and manufacture the deception and confusion that has enslaved and demoralised our people since Dec 2006.

    Conventions dictate that the PAC Chair is Ro Teimumu’s choice. Conventions also allows the PAC to meet and dispense with matters under their jurisdiction, and it has nothing to do with the Speaker’s whereabouts. Even if the Lady Speaker is in Nepal learning about transcendental meditation to clear her guilty conscience, Prof Biman can still meet as and when the Committee decides. But this is post coup, post election fraud, post monkey constitution Fiji in 2014. Under the Hon Khai and and his puppet JVB, Fiji must suspend and waive standard conventions for the sake of ‘protecting’ the truth from the people. Imagine what it will be like when the people of Fiji who voted for these criminals finally finally finally get to hear the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, about the true story of our Clean Up Campaign and Taking Fiji Foward and the awesome developments for all Fijians since Dec 5, 2006

    Whatever is hidden in the dark shall be shouted from the rooftops. The word of God stands and it is still the final arbiter of all matters under the sun. To Khai and Bhai and all their followers, it is never too late to admit your wrongs. It is human to err. We will forgive you. God will forgive you. But you must confess your wromgs and pay for your sins. That is true justice. Not even your committee and all your secret plans will nullify the truth. Let the PAC fulfill its role. Let the people know. Let Fiji move forward. But you Khai and Bhai must account for your actions. Whatever you sow, you shall also reap.

  7. So desperate to tarnish Biman Says:

    The govt and Fiji Sun is so desperate to tarnish Biman that they are now being wooed by failed academics like so called Dr. Sharma to write for them. He was fired from Fiji Metrro, he got a job at FNU buT was fired from there when it was realized that he had forged his cv. What he is doing now is sitting at home and hallucinating. No wonder the govt and Fiji Sun love him, after all birds of the same feathers flock, we have so much similarity between Fiji Sun and him. It is rumored that the police force, military and Vodafone all have been instructed to monitor Bimans movement as well. Why is the govt so scared of this man, one wonders!

  8. Keep The Faith Says:

    What is totally baffling is why the Fiji Sun has made it its business to use their column and lobby for the SODELPA dude (who is apparently the second opposition member on this committee) to take over as Chair? Which sounds like something Baiyum’s puppets would have wanted?

    How is it that The SunK has spent a great deal of effort in putting out snide internal SODELPA whispers to undermine the party, and yet they now actively to support one of them? It does not add up.

  9. Tomasi Says:

    Very true @ KTF. Baffling may be true but not surprising at all. They will employ every means, seize every opportunity and spare no resource to achieve their real agenda. Being one of its principal propaganda vehicle, Fiji Sun will preach confusion or shout peace whenever it suits its rulers and chief sponsor. Each passing day takes our nation lower and lower to moral depravity and citizens will have to brace themselves for even worse things to unfold as a consequence of their silence, indifference or support.

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