What hope do we have when the Finance Ministry can’t manage money?

In 2013 the Ministry of Finance overspent its allocation for Pensions, Gratuities and Compassionate allowance by $2.4 million. The Auditor General, Tevita Bolavanua, called this “poor financial management” and said “it affects government’s liquidity position, which if not controlled could lead to cash flow problems”. The Finance Ministry makes the rules for managing money so it should be able to make sure it can follow its own rules.

Fijilive November 08, 2014 Finance ministry overspent in 2013

One Response to “What hope do we have when the Finance Ministry can’t manage money?”

  1. Tomasi Says:

    To be fair, the Finance Ministry has always been delivering the service to the Government and the nation. It has done well over many years even under tremendous pressure and great national and international adversities. The problem is when you have people like Voreqe as the Minister of a portfolio he knows nothing about. The poor sod does not even qualify as an accounts clerk. How can we expect him to be the Minister?

    The other reason was that the smarter people of relevant practical experience like Aisake Taito and the former PS have been moved elsewhere because they would be an obstacle to the Dick – tator and his brain. They needed a patsy, someone who could obey orders and keep things going smoothly. So they brought in someone like Filimoni Waqabaca who has never been a part of the Ministry. With limited knowledge and practical experience, and a personality that says, YES SIR, we have the perfect robot for Khaiyum and Bai to steal and rob the people of Fiji. While Waqabaca was trying to do his best under the clutches of the a dictator, the real PS Finance was busy globe trotting, arranging loans and personal benefits for her powerful nephew AS Khaiyum and Voreqe.

    And as they say, the rest is history.

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