No immunity against truth

Public Accounts Committee chair Professor Biman Prasad has made it clear that the immunity provisions in the 2013 Constitution will not get in the way of him pursuing all the facts in the long list of examples of mismanagement and incompetence contained in the findings in the Auditor-General’s reports from 2007 to 2013. The Committee has the power to summon those implicated in any misuse of public funds to appear before the committee and provide evidence. Section 112 (h) of the Standing Orders enforces section 91(3) of the Constitution in compelling the attendance of a Minister to testify or to produce documents or other materials. Khaiyum will have to turn up and answer all questions, and he’ll have to turn over any documents requested.

Fiji Times November 11, 2014 Immunity won’t stop it.

3 Responses to “No immunity against truth”

  1. tualeita Says:

    The truths that are coming out are the weird ghosts that have been visiting Bainimarama in his nightly nightmares. There are many more of these ghosts coming to visit him until he will not be able to take them in anymore. Then he will go insane.

  2. mukesh Says:

    People need to know how much the PM and his associates earned during the past seven years. This is true transparency, which the PM is harping all time. Also we need to know
    1.0 how much the Chairman of FSC has benefitted from FSC.
    2.0 Why some people are still employed by FSC after reaching retirement age, which other more skill factory worker denied those privileges.

    People of Fiji have placed lots of hopes on Biman and any compromises by Biman with the government would be seen as GREATEST BETRAYAL.

  3. Tomasi Says:

    Well said Tualeita and Mukesh. Since the publication of the Auditor general’s Report and the subsequent public comments by the PAC Chair, we can only wonder what Bai and Khai are thinking about. What do they talk about when they meet or call each other at night or early in the morning. Are they sleeping well? They might go insane, yes. But having witnessed the kind of people they are, we must not expect them to surrender or yield. Let’s see, what might their evil and crafty devious mind conjure up this time.

    1. Change the PAC Chair and pressure Ro Teimumu to appoint a lame duck which they can manipulate.?

    2. Hijack the PAC role and its entire process to silence this public threat against the Government through a decree?

    3. Let Prof Biman and his PAC continue but intimidate the members through personal threats to sabotage the process and outcomes. ?

    4. Let the PAC complete its mandate but brief Anthony Gay and the COM POL to make sure that any court proceeding resulting from the investigations end up at Lovonilase Cemetry. In other, for the Police and the Courts to kill the process.

    5. Instruct the US criminal PR company, QORVIS and the propaganda mouthpiece, Fiji Sun to engage in the best damage control campaign to resurrect the image and reputation of Ali Baba, and his band of thieves.

    But what we the Fiji citizens should be really thinking about is what should we do if they continue to flout the rules? That is what our Opposition MPs and every decent citizen should be considering. Are we going to let them get away from this again???? Vinaka.

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