Fiji Airways – flying into heavy cloud?

Mr Pichler is quoted as saying he was called back to Germany by the German Government to save Air Berlin but is he really saving his reputation by getting out of town? Isn’t Air Berlin privately owned, like Lufthansa, which is the German flag carrier airline? Could it be the negotiations over the next A330 have left Mr Pichler worried and wanting to get out of town in a hurry? Maybe we’re just too suspicious, but we are waiting to be convinced. Not that we want to see Fiji Airways go under. That would be a disaster, but disaster is not avoided by lies. Qantas bailed them out once before and still own just under 50%, so why did Bainimarama and Khaiyum not work with Qantas rather than telling them to get stuffed.

Fiji Times November 05, 2014, Fiji Airways will continue to fly high, A-G vows.


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